Water Bottles (2 bottles) $4.95

Water Bottles (2 bottles) $4.95

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A water bottle is THE most important thing in a naturals basket of goodies. EVERY natural should have two waters bottles:


Bottle One: Should have water only. Use this to mist your hair very lightly on a daily basis (when you're NOT using bottle 2).

Bottle Two: Should have a nourishing elixir that works well for your hair. A good one to try is 3 parts water and 1 part Premium Vegetable Glycerine. Another great additive is Avocado Oil. It is high in Vitamin E and has AMAZING moisturizing capabilities in sealing the moisture in your hair. You may also add an oil for fragrance.


Note: Water is the only substance that can penetrate your hair at 100%. Before starting any style, mist hair with water first if its not already wet. The oils or butters applied thereafter will SEAL that moisture in. Just remember, your hair is like a flower, water it.

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