Jumbo Rake Wide Tooth Comb


A wide tooth is a "must have" for any natural! This "Jumbo Rake Wide Tooth Comb" is a great option. It's great for minimizing unnecessary loss of hair when detangling your hair. Here's a few tips:

* Depending on the length of your hair, part in sections before beginning the detangeling process.

* While in the shower, apply an ample amount of conditioner to your hair. This will give your hair "slip". Using your wide tooth comb, gently comb through hair starting at ends and gradually working your way down to the root, applying more conditioner as needed.

 * Continue this process until your entire head has been detangled and conditioned. 

Note: Another option is to detangle your hair using a "spritz mixture" in a spray bottle. There are many different mixture options available. Try using one that has a water, oil combination so as to provide the proper amount of "slip" to eliminate hair breakage and increased time  to complete the arduous detangling process.

P.S. Don't forget your satin bonnet or silky satin pillow case.

Combo Pack is only $19.95 (Includes: (1) Jumbo Rack Comb, (1) 2oz bottle of Jojoba Oil, (1) Satin Bonnet, and (1) Satin Pillow Case (Black)!