Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Wow!! YOU will LOVE our fruit infused sports water bottle!! This is one way to reach your daily water intake goals, stay energized and lose weight if desired! Natural fruit infused detox water! Your water doesn't have to be boring anymore! Inside this portable and reusable plastic water bottle is a basket that holds your choice of flavor-infusing fruits such as lemons, cucumbers, strawberries, limes, watermelon, oranges, blueberries, name it!. Even mint leaves are great! ...Fill the center capsules with fruit, pour in your water and you're on your way to a healthier body, hair, and glowing skin!! Give it a try!


Tritan body, scratching resistance, 100% BPA Free for health safety.
- Flip lid top.
- Removable fruit infuser, makes it a sports water bottle.
- Dishwasher safe (Recommended on cooler setting to keep branding intact.)
- Easy to clean.
- Product Capacity: 700ml. (approx. 24 ounces)