"DIY" Organic Flax Seed Gel Kit


Finally! A "Do it Yourself" Flax Seed Gel Kit"!

This Flax Seed Gel Kit has everything you need to make two 8 ounce batches of all natural flax seed gel. 
Flax seed gel has many benefits to the hair (some listed below). Give your hair a soft hold....naturally!
This product is great for elongating the look of your hair.
Before and After photos look drastically different (both taken on the same day)!
See the VIDEO below on how easy this is to make at home even if you are not the "Suzie Homemaker" type!

What's Included in the DIY Organic Flax Seed Gel Kit:

- 1/2 Cup of Certified Organic Brown Flax Seeds*
- 1 12 oz plastic jar (with lid) for storing your flax seed gel after self preparation (MUST BE KEPT REFRIGERATED)
- 1 knee high stocking for maximized gel extraction from seeds
-  Preparation Instructions (Very easy to follow, also view the step-by-step instructional video below)
 * "Ouchless elastics" are also available under the "Hair Products" section.
Learn in less than 2 minutes how to make this all natural gel. Great for all hair types! 
* Some naturals reuse the flax seeds to make additional batches. 
* Your choice of essential oils may be added as desired.