Coping With Anxiety Workbook

Coping With Anxiety Workbook

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Anxiety can be crippling. Literally!

  • Do you worry if you're good enough?
  • If you're qualified for the job you want?
  • If you can provide for your family or be a good friend?
  • Why me? What makes me so special?
  • Do I deserve to be loved?  

These are all common questions that arise out of anxiety!

NOW is the time to learn more about yourself and process your emotions. If you don’t start now, your anxiety will only continue to arise as you move forward and stifle your personal growth.

Grab this “Coping with anxiety workbook” that is print ready to work on at home or grab a notebook and work from your DIGITAL COPY. 35 pages full of exercises that will help you;

  • Learn your triggers

  • Understand anxiety

  • Track your thoughts

  • Identify ways to deal with your anxiety

  • Breakdown tasks

  • Deal with panic attacks

  • Track your thoughts

  • More!