“Bestie Bracelet” Stretch Bracelet

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The ”Bestie Bracelet” is here!

Here at Natural Girls Rock, we acknowledge the importance and the empowerment of sisterhood. We truly believe that women need women. We honor sisterhood as the safe and healing space that it is.

The “sisters” in your life should positively impact and influence your life. So why not give them a small token just to say “thank you”? Just to say “I see you, and I appreciate you.”

Grab one “Bestie Bracelet” for you, and one for each “sister” in your life.

Allow each bead to honor and represent one of the women in your sisterhood, or a moment that you’ve shared.

The “Bestie Bracelet” makes the perfect gift to give your girls for Christmas, birthdays, that girls weekend you have planned, or simply just because.

Love on your bestie/besties today and everyday!

Beads: 7mm - 8mm