Social Media Advertising With Natural Girls Rock

Wanna increase your brand awareness and your business sales? YOU CAN! Reach over 1/2 million fans in your target market via Natural Girls Rock social media circuits. Limited advertising slots available each month. 

Option 1:

A one time, a-la-carte social media blast on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter and our Website.

Cost: $50 

Option 2:

A 4-pack combo of social media blast to be used over a 30-day period. One ad each week on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter and our Website.

Cost: $150 (Save $50 by purchasing this combo package)

*All photos and content must be sent to us in one email to customer Photos may be removed after 48-hours after promotion has posted. 

Natural Girls Rock has a well established social media influence and can help you grow your BRAND. Our global following of fashionistas spans all ages worldwide. With our Facebook 'likes' exceeding 525k and our Instagram exceeding 160k fans and our website averaging 160k visitors each month, you can believe we understand the power of marketing and promoting.

We are happy to use our platform to push your business forward, no matter how big or small. We want to see YOU succeed and have vowed to keep our ad rates as some of the lowest out there! 

Why Advertise?:

- Increase your brand exposure

- Increase sales

- Acquire new clients, customers, followers

- Acquire organic social signals to your page, machete it relevant in Google, Bing &  Yahoo search engines. 

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Invest in your business and take it to the next level!!