Vote for Fall 2012 NGR Models!!

Natural Girls Rock® is a community-based organization. As such, the voting for the Natural Girls Rock Fall/Winter 2012 Models is a public effort! We invite you to review the biography of each and every semi-finalists and place only one vote for your choice. We only selecting 5 finalists to not only be the face of our website, but also the face of the NGR Movement and Brand. We are looking for well-rounded, models of all shapes, sizes, hues, that are true **ROCK STARS**!! And now, we present to you, the 2012 Fall/Winter 2012 Semi-finalists!! 



Hello Natural Beauties! My name is Tanettra and I am a 29 year old educator who is extremely passionate about youth literacy and community outreach.  I did my big chop about five years ago honestly because I was curious as to how I would look with short hair. I was used to having my wrap and wanted to change it up. I did a random call to my mom's stylist and made a bet with a coworker that if she was available that day I would cut it all off.  Although it sounds cliche', the rest is history. I absolutely love the versatility of being natural, and the fact that every strand doesn't have to be perfectly in place.  Most "mistakes" end up being the cutest styles anyway! Being natural started with my hair, but it has carried over and influenced me to use only natural products on my body as well (not quite there with the deodorant though, lol). Now I'm working on the natural/healthy lifestyle of eating better and working out consistently.  To me being natural is about loving yourself the way God made you, no matter your height, weight, complexion, hair texture etc.  I would consider it a great privilege to represent the Natural Girls Rock brand.


Hello my name is Pursia I am 26 years old and I am a Natural Girl That Rocks!!! I am married and have three children. My husband is in the military stationed in Fort Benning, Georgia and I also work on Fort Benning as a General Clerk.  I started my natural hair journey in September 2011 I went from long permed hair to a short boy haircut! Of course I came home and my husband was in total disbelief. I love being natural and all the complements that I receive about my hair. I live on The Natural Girls Rock website and Youtube!! Going through this experience has made me very humble. I will not be introducing a perm to my daughter but rather have her to embrace and love her natural self!!! Thank you for this website and Thank you for reviewing my entry!!!


My name is Aja.  I am a 33 year old vibrant, intelligent, and compassionate Christian woman.  I am the fiancée to a wonderful man.  I have been an educator in urban Atlanta for 12 years.  I received my bachelor’s degree from Clark Atlanta University in Psychology and my master’s degree for Georgia State University in Early Childhood Education/Urban Studies.  I became frustrated with all that my relaxed hair wouldn’t do.  All I could get from my hair was straight.  It would not even consider staying curled.  In an attempt to find non heat hairstyles, I stumbled upon woman on YouTube who were “transitioning” (a term that I had never heard of before).  After SEVERAL days and hours of watching videos, I thought to myself that this is something that I was willing to try.  Why not wear my hair in its natural state.  To be honest, before the videos, it was not even an idea that I ever fathomed.  I transitioned for 9 months and did my big chop on July 29, 2010.  This was one of the best choices that I have ever made.  I have found confidence in myself that I didn’t know I had.  I am wearing my hair natural and not caring about what others think.  My natural hair and the positive attitude that I have about it and myself has given my female students a deeper appreciation for the way that God has made them.  Natural Girls Rock!!!



Greetings Natural Girls Rock!!!!!! My name is Eleasha. I am a loving, fun, outspoken 35 yr. old woman with a burst of energy. I am a wife and mother of 4 children 3 boys ages 13, 10, 4 and 1 girl age 8.  I am also an entrepreneur, educator, philanthropist, and community leader.  I have always had the desired to be natural from head to toe. For many years I allowed society dictate my natural black beauty, believing that long permed hair would bring me closer to my dreams. I have to honestly admit that it was hard to let go of my permed hair, afraid of not being accepted by society. Well, many years and 3 hair chops later I finally recognize and love me for who God has created me to be. I have been natural for 3 years strong.  I am finally free from a mind controlling society.  I am embracing and loving the black woman I have become to be…….Natural Girls Rock!!!!!!!



Hey there! My name is Ebony. I am 33 years old and I am resident of Norcross, GA. I have a passion for art, theatre, photography, writing, and bringing out the best in people. I've been relaxer free for 7.5 years, and I LOVE it. An old friend from college inspired me to go natural in 1999/2000. I big chopped after transitioning for about two to three months, but unfortunately it lasted all of one year. It was all fun and games when it was really short, but when I encountered the "in between" stage I didn't know what to do with it. I wasn't prepared. At the time, I had no idea where to seek inspiration or guidance. YouTube didn't exist. It was very discouraging and I started to hate the way I looked, so caved and relaxed my hair again. I regretted it the second I did it, but I sucked it up because it was too late. Even though I'd re-relaxed, the seed had been planted and I knew I'd eventually return to my natural hair.

Years later, I became interested in living more organically. I started learning about organic foods that were best for my blood type and natural products for my skin. My new organic lifestyle would be a fraud if I kept relaxing my hair, so I decided to transition again. Only this time, I transitioned for a whole year. When it was time to big chop, I cut a chunk from the front first so I couldn't turn back...and I didn't. Through trial and error I learned how to care for my hair in it's natural state. This time I was more willing and determined to put in the work. Also, I was more comfortable abandoning that which I THOUGHT contributed to my beauty---chemically straightened hair. Initially, my intention was just to live a healthier lifestyle but my journey has inspired many along the way. For that, I am grateful. I love being a natural girl that rocks! 


Hey Natural Girls Rock! I am Carnella “Coco Natural” Harvey and after I transitioned for a year, I did my Big Chop and my hair, who I have dubbed “Ms. Stella” was born on June 18, 2011 J When I made the decision to become natural, I had enormous amounts of support from family and friends. I am a social worker here in Atlanta, Georgia, and was STILL very nervous when I walked out of my house wearing naturally curly styles while I was transitioning. I wasn’t comfortable with my coworkers seeing my hair in its natural state. There were so many remarks that made me feel as I was making a HUGE statement by going natural. They told me “you can have that natural thang girl” or they would ask “so you really gonna do the “natural” hair thing for real?”

I pressed on, and I began to RE-learn all about my natural hair, and soon I was feeling excited about showing the world the beauty in my natural hair is in all its unique curliness. Since I have been wearing all natural styles for the past year, I have so many women at work confide in me about their own joy and fears to embracing their own natural hair. It is refreshing to know I’m not alone with the feelings I experienced on my Journey to Natural Hair Freedom. I enjoy making video tutorials and product reviews for women with natural hair. One of my goals is to empower women to feel comfortable with embracing their hair in its naturally curly glory.


Hello All, My name is Brooke and I thrive on helping others in any way that I can. Im currently employed by Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Inc, an organization that helps mold girls into leaders of today, tomorrow, and the future. I have been natural for almost 3 years and I have enjoyed my journey back to my roots :) One thing it has revealed to me that as a mother of a young child (3 1/2yo) I want her to be comfortable in her own skin/hair before experimenting with additions. I believe that when we introduce them at too young of an age you set a precedent that their hair isn't "pretty/good" enough. Self-love should come before enhancements or children won't understand.



Hey Natural Beauties!!! My name is Joy. I am a 39 year old stay at home mom and full-time student. I have been given the precious gifts of four children (2 girls and 2 boys who range in ages 21, 18, 10, and 5) as well as a wonderful husband, who are my greatest inspiration and cheerleaders regarding my natural hair journey. 

I have for the past 14 years worn my hair in either a texturized buzz cut or a relaxed pixie cut while dabbling here and there with weaves and braids, yet secretly being intrigued and in awe of  my stunningly beautiful, confident and proud  natural “sistas” and their tresses.  It was not until this past October because of a conversation that I had with my 10 year old daughter, however, that I decided to fully commit myself to growing my hair out in its natural state from my buzz cut and no longer texturize/relax my hair.  As I was combing and styling her hair that day, I remarked about how beautiful and pretty her hair was.  She looked at me matter-of-factly and said, “Well Mommy if you stop putting that relaxer in your hair, it could be pretty like mine too!”  Talk about a wake-up call!!! Knowing that mothers are who girls get their first sense of beauty from, I want to not only be lip service but a tangible, living, breathing example to my girls of loving their beautifully and wonderfully made selves JUST as God created them no matter the length or texture of their hair nor the color or tone of their skin. 

Although it has taken me some time and numerous study sessions of YouTube videos to figure out how to care for my hair, I can honestly say that I am actually “giddy” on a DAILY basis when I look in the mirror and see how healthy and beautiful my curls are!  I too am stopped regularly, whether at the grocery store, book store, post office, etc. and either complimented on or asked about how I take care of my hair. Although I am always thrilled to pieces to talk about my natural hair journey, whether people complimented me or not, I still would not have it any other way. You see, as corny as it may sound, I have found that this natural hair journey in and of itself has led me to have an even deeper joy and appreciation of myself as one of God’s “one of a kind never duplicated fabulous masterpieces” from the crown of my curly coiled head to the sole of my feet…and doggone it if He says I’m ROCKIN’ in my natural beauty that He Himself uniquely designed, then who can DARE say otherwise!!!

It is this type of bubbling over joy and love of one’s FABULOUSLY NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL self that I would consider an honor and a privilege to share if chosen to represent Natural Girls Rock!!! Peace and Blessings!!!


Greetings Curlfriends!!! My name is Merical  Joy (pronounced like Miracle) or just plain ol MJ... I am a mother, daughter, sister, auntie and amateur photographer. I love r&b music, writing, and all things creative.  I've been natural for lil over a year (14 months) and my journey just so happens to coincide with another journey with my mother who passed in April. In learning about my new found hair, I also learned about an inner strength that I didn't know I had. My mom was THE DIVA and she taught my sisters and I who are also natural to love ourselves from the inside out. Going natural allowed me to not only fall in love with myself all over again but to not be afraid to step out on faith and walk the path that God has laid out for me. Family, friends and my faith are important and are a vital part of who I am and what keeps me grounded. I believe in sharing my journeys because others have shared theirs. At the end of the day "If you've been blessed then it's your responsibility to be a blessing to others." I'm a Natural Girl who rocks, simply because I can!!!



Hi, I'm Kisha.  I had my last relaxer in November 2011.  It was at that time that I decided I wanted to experiment with my hair.  I had always admired natural hair, but never knew that I, too, could rock it.  Additionally, I knew I didn't want to relax my daughter's hair when she got older, so I needed to learn how to manage my natural hair so I could properly manage hers.
I transitioned for almost 7 months before I took the plunge and did the big chop.  On the day of my big chop, I couldn't wait to rid myself of my straight ends.  It was truly one of the most exciting days of my life and I have never looked back.
A year later, my hair has grown so much.  I no longer have a TWA; I have a full-on FRO!  I am absolutely in love with my hair and I truly feel that Natural Girls Rock!


My name is Brandi (aka Bran or Nicole). I am 28 and originally from Indianapolis, IN. Yes, lol, there are black people in Indiana. I have been natural for 1 year, 1 month, 5 days, 22 minutes... but who's counting right? I currently reside in Atlanta, GA where God has placed me to fulfill His will for my life. As I walk in His will, I learn more about myself everyday and grow more as a person who knows what it really means to be love, serve others, and be a living example of a Christ-like life. When I decided to go natural, I had no big testimony of how broken my permed hair was, how dye had damaged my tresses or how expensive salons were for relaxed women. My testimony came after I went natural. The natural community has taught me so much about myself, my hair, and others. I've learned how to take care of my precious, so precious Fro that I affectionately call "my Joy"; I've learned how to make my own hair products from all natural and/or organic ingredients. But the most important thing I've learned during my journey is patience, communication with others who want to help me along my journey, or those who need help as they go through their natural hair journey, and to take it one day at a time no matter what is. My hair has taught me to go with the flow... some days are good hair days, some days are bad hair days, and some days are "don't you dare leave the house looking like who did it and what for" hair days. But with each new day, I have new hair, new styling tips, and a renewed sense of ME. I'm loving every second of it, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. It took me awhile to get here... and I have a ways to go... but I'm embracing it, I'm loving it, and I'm ROCKING IT! Naturally



Hi, My name is Dionne and I am a competitive and fun loving business professional who enjoys spending time with genuine people and loves to live life to the fullest while taking advantage of every opportunity afforded to me. I've always been told that I 'missed my calling' to be a model so here I am, giving it a shot!


Greetings natural divas and dudes! My name is Stephanie. I'm 22-years-young and currently serve as an AmeriCorps member and volunteer coordinator at a refugee-education non-profit in Stone Mountain, GA. I'm here to tell you that doing something the second time around makes life THAT much sweeter! I first went natural as a 10th grader in 2005, long before wearing your hair kinky and curly was popular in my hometown. In fact, I was the only person in my Montgomery, Alabama high school with a fro', which at the very least I can say, helped me to stand out ("that's the girl with the big hair!)." Unfortunately, I didn't understand how to care for my hair so I permed it a year later. Luckily, I "re-naturalized" on July 22, 2010 after seeing all of the beautiful curly, kinky, and coily hair sistas at Florida A&M University where I attended college. Honey, the second time around was the charm! I've rocked fros, mohawks, side do's, up do's, back do's,yo-mama's back in the day-do, pompadours, and then some ("Stephanie, your hair changes everyday!"). I wouldn't trade this journey of self-awareness and creativity for the world--I realize that I love myself the way I am and I look GOOD that way. It's funny how hair can do all that for a woman, isn't it!?



Hello my name is Nicole and I have been living in Atlanta for almost ten years now. Im also a mother of 4 children. I have a background in Visual Merchandising also I am a caregiver. Just about a year ago I went natural it was not that hard for me to do the pick chop, but the transition was the hardest!:) But now I'm loving my curls.  Thank you for your time and consideration.




Hello my name is Keisha and I am a 30 year old business/fashion student at Bauder College. I am the mother of two awesome boys, I love fashion (especially accessories), and I'm currently trying to put my own accessory line together. This would actually be a first for me if chosen, seeing how typically I'm more behind the scenes with things like this but know I am a natural girl that rocks.