Natural Girls Rock - Deep SOULutions Deep Conditioner

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If Moisture Retention Is Your Natural Hair Issue, Give This Product a TRY!! 
It is an all natural product and it works wonders for natural hair! Proper conditioning is the key to hair health and sustained growth. See the video documentary below.   

Read on to find out how this true 4C hair "transitioned" into a much softer, more nourished look and feel by using Deep SOULutions Deep Conditioner! The photo below is 2 weeks post Big Chop - 5 1/2 months! Also, take a moment to see the amazing results of this product by watching the videos below.***
* If you recently did the Big Chop or if you are experiencing dryness in your hair, the Baggie Method  is a great option for you! It is the process of applying a conditioner or deep conditioner to the hair for the purpose of locking in moisture by covering it with a plastic cap. This method is great for maintaining your hairs moisture level. It is recommended to apply an oil after this process to seal in and maintain the moisture level of your hair. May be method can be used on any hair length.
*May be used as a pre-poo conditioner to break down and loosen product build up in your hair making is easier to detangle
* May be used as a rinse-out conditioner leaving the hair soft and easy to manage for your next step; your style!
* May be used as a deep conditioner. The high volume of organic extra virgin coconut oil penetrates the hair allowing the other  all natural ingredients to really get in the hair and do its magic rather than sit on top of the hair and rinse away.
 * May also be used as an all natural leave-in conditioner. Use a dime - quarter sized amount depending on the length of your hair and allow this awesome blend of nature to enhance your hairs natural beauty all day long!!
Deep Condition Treatment Directions:  
Shake well to mix ingredients (texture will change from oily to creamy allowing better application of product). On clean, wet hair apply the desired amount of conditioner from root to tips of hair and massage in well for two minutes. Apply a plastic cap for 30 minutes – overnight for maximum moisture retention and sustained softness. Rinse and style as desired. May be used on any hair type.
Key Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Organic extra virgin coconut oil, Shea Butter, Pure cold pressed castor oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Vegetable glycerin, Pure jojoba oil, rosemary oil, nettle oil, birch leaf oil, chamomile oil, lavender, colts foot leaf, yarrow oil, soybean protein, lemon grass oil (fragrance), and organic conditioner base.   

Try the "NGR Rockin' Moisture Kit". Click here for more information. 

My Personal Story:
I developed this deep conditioner very early in my natural hair journey and it has worked absolute wonders for my hair. While I am a true believer that there is no "potion" that can make someones hair grow faster than it normally would, I can't deny the amount of growth and nourishment my hair has received by using this deep conditioner. I use it as a pre-poo, deep conditioner and baggie with it often. It has totally softened the overall look and feel of my hair.  My scalp loves it, my hair loves it, and it has made my natural hair journey pleasurable even in the TWA stage! During my TWA stage, I did a lot of the baggie method, because it is so important to establish and maintain your hair's moisture level so you can grow a healthy head of hair!
I invite you to order it and judge for yourself. The photos at the top of the collage were taken the day after my Big Chop. The photos below were taken at 5 1/2 months post Big Chop (I colored my hair...). This stuff really worked in helping to keep my moisture level in balance which in turn allowed my hair to grow, grow, grow! It is rich in essential oils, fatty acids and is extremely concentrated. When you apply this deep conditioner on your hair you will see how it immediately penetrates it (the high volume of organic cold pressed coconut oil allows this penetration to take place).
View a six month transition! (BC on January 6, 2011 - July 6, 2011):

To see a true documentary on the benefits of using NGR Deep SOULutions on a regular basis, visit the "Deep SOULutions Documentary" Tab. 
Deep SOULutions Deep Conditioner gives amazing results when paired with all natural flax seed gel. See the Video Below:


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 Check out this video and learn how to 'pre-poo' your hair using Deep SOULutions Deep Conditioner: