"DIY" Ultimate Twist Out Recipe Combo

"DIY" Ultimate Twist Out Recipe Combo

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Looking for moisture AND definition in your twist out? Try this combo!

**Combo Contents :

8 oz. African Shea Butter

8 oz. Premium Castor Oil

8 oz. Premium Avocado Oil

NOTE: These items are $38.85 if purchased separately. The contents is enough make two batches!!

Day One:


Recipe and Directions:

1: On clean, damp hair*, flat twist hair from crown downward.

Hair/Body Butter Recipe:

4 oz Shea butter

2 oz of Premium Castor Oil

1 oz of Premium Avocado Oil (may adjust to 1/2 if butter is too oily for your liking) 

1. Melt 4 ozs of shea butter in the microwave until it completely becomes an oil.

2. In a separate container (tupperware is great), combine 2 ozs of NGR Premium  Castor Oil, 1 oz. of NGR Premium Avocado and 4 ozs of melted shea butter. Stir all three oils together well (may whip/blend if desired however, it is not necessary or required to have a great batch of hair/body butter). May allow your new batch of hair/body butter to solidify into a butter or apply right away as an oil.

3. If you need to use it before it solidifies in the butter, apply mixture as an oil and it will dry as a butter and provides amazing definition, softness, and moisture that lasts for days!  Keep the rest of the batch at room temp. and it will dry into a butter that will last you several months depending on use. NOTE: There is no need to re-melt your butter after the initial preparation. Apply it as a soft solid. YOU'LL LOVE IT!!



*May also be done on dry hair


Day 2 (Retwisted in large flat twists and put sponge roller on the ends to add volume) 


Here's what it looks like with a side part:





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