What Type Of Fashionista Are You?

  1. Minimalist
The minimalist fashionista likes to keep it simple. Her closet is full of basic pieces that can be mixed and matched into tons of different outfits. We jewelry preference is simple, dainty and chic. She has an equal amount of heels versus flats and is more focused on getting dressed being easy to do while still looking fashionable.
2. Vintage
The vintage fashionista likes to keep it retro. Her closet is full of all the hottest pieces from past decades. She doesn’t commit to one particular time period. Some days she wakes up feeling 70s some days 80s and she’s prepares for both. Her jewelry preference depends on the outfit but is always something different and interesting. She likes to layer up in different accessories to give it a unique look. Individuality is the key to her style so she’s always on the lookout for cool new pieces that are DIFFERENT.
3. Casual
The casual fashionista is all about comfort. Her closet is full of jeans, sweaters, graphic Ts and all the wardrobe basics. She is more concerned with comfort over anything. If she likes the way the fabric feels against her skin or can see herself rocking an outfit piece with sneakers easily, she’s buying it! Her jewelry preference is to stick to the classics. Mostly hoop earrings, simple chic studs, and anything with an interesting shape that’s not doing “too much”. She likes to look effortless, let her natural beauty shine and feel good all at the same time.
The EXTRA fashionista.. capital E X T R A is all about being the center of attention. She doesn’t ask for it but her outfit commands the room. Her closet is full of every texture, color, pattern and vibe you can think of. She’s in love with heels but will wear sneakers and flats too if they are colorful or unique. Her jewelry preference is anything fun or vibrant ranging in different sizes from earrings to necklaces and of course bracelets and bangles. Getting dressed for her is about never wearing the same outfit and accessory combination twice. And fashion has no rules. If she likes it. SHE WEARS IT. No matter what anyone has to say.
What type of fashionista are you? 👀 leave it in the comments below!


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