Try These 4 Things To Overcome Fear

Fear is a tricky emotion. Some of us seek it out because we crave the adrenaline rush it gives us. The rest of us avoid it altogether because of the negative feelings it causes us to feel.

When we talk about fear, it is regarded as a given. It is treated as a valid excuse for not doing something. Here’s the hard truth though. It isn’t.

Most of the fear that we feel comes from a thought we have in our mind that is irrational or illogical.

Simply put, fear is just a mismanaged mind.

The irrational thoughts we have are creating the fear that stops us from taking action.

Most of us simply accept fear as a way of life and accept that there’s nothing that can be done about it.

Here are a few tips on how to overcome fear and start living your life!

Stop Using Self-Doubt as an Excuse

In order to subside your fears, you need to develop trust in yourself. If you trust that you’ll have the ability to handle whatever comes your way, you can conquer anything.

Remember That Worrying Doesn’t Serve You

The truth is you have no control over anyone else but you. If you knew you could handle anything that happened, what would you have to be afraid of? The answer is nothing!

Learn What’s Holding You Back

Get in the practice of being an observer of your thoughts. Remember all of our feelings drive all of our actions, and our actions become our results.

Create a Results-Based Action Plan

Taking action is the ultimate tool to overcoming fear. Easier said than done, right?

Using goals, create the actions needed to achieve those.

A results-based action plan rather than a to-do list holds you more accountable. It allows you to create from your future (as opposed to repeating your past) and gives you endless possibilities.

Or grab a 4 Week results based action plan to help you overcome fear by clicking here.

We create our own reality. To handle fear is to move from a position of fear to a position of power.

Your primitive brain wants to keep you alive, which is great for keeping you out of physical harm but beyond that it hinders you from personal growth!


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