True Success Starts With This...

It's raining and cold here in Atlanta and my heart feels a bit of the same...

Let me explain...
I've always been a pretty confident person and I still am...Make no mistake about! (but there are a few areas where I need some extra work...more on that later..)
BUT, I've learned over the years...especially more recently in the past few weeks that there's a lot of people (women specifically) that are living a life without having confidence in their tool kit for how to navigate life as a whole.
Knowing this is what makes my heart feel rainy, gloomy and cold...

I want more for you...I want you to be able to DO THE DARN THING EVERYDAY IS ALL THAT YOU DO!

When it comes to living a life that puts you MORE in line for success and happiness, self-confidence is so very important.

However, for most people, top-notch confidence is lacking to a great degree.

This means that most people are living far below their full potential.

This results in unhappiness which results in even lower confidence levels, which leads to fewer successes and even more unhappiness.

It’s a brutal cycle, really…and one that can rob you of your desire to do....well, ANYTHING.

…So do you just give up?


As a Certified Life & Business Coach, I asked myself what can I do within my realm to change this within my community...

YOU are my community....

YOU are my concern...

YOU are my responsibility because I've come in contact with you at some point...which means I have your ear to some extent, right?


IF you are not operating life in a way that you are EXUDING CONFIDENCE in ALL that you do, I want to help you change that STARTING TODAY.

Developing confidence is a process that takes perseverance, dedication and steadfast determination.

There’s no quick-and-easy magic pill to generate confidence and achieve success in where you want to get in life or what you're trying to achieve...

But is IS achievable...KNOW THAT!

Fortunately, the steps necessary are fairly simple, and by putting one foot in front of the other, you can get there.

How Kelly J, HOW....?

Here goes....a few years ago I developed this online audio course on confidence. Hundreds of women from around the world have taken this course and experienced change in their lives because they acquired a new set of 'tools' they didn't previously have and it allowed them to THEN feel more CONFIDENT and comfortable to do things they previous wouldn't not have! #WINNING

When I first released this online course it was $97....Months later, I reduced it to $47 to allow more women to be able to enroll in it.

Yesterday, I put it on sale of 50% off so there is no excuse for anyone who is really serious to be able to get a jumpstart of navigating live differently with a new the skill set of CONFIDENCE and do more, be more, and have MORE!

The course is a 6-part Audio Series, designed to walk you through the steps needed to find your inner confidence, increase it, and bring your natural magnificence to the world through your successes and achievements.

Each module can be listened to at your leisure so you may easily integrate the lessons into your daily life and decision-making. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make remarkable progress, fast.

Quickly accessing confidence is a skill that you’ll be able to put to good use at home, in the office, or with your friends.

Every day you’re met with challenges that require you to call upon your confidence. As soon as you begin this course, you’ll find yourself tapping your authentic personal power and creating confidence quickly and easily.

Situations that used to leave you feeling small and weakened will fill you with energy and excitement, and everyone around you will notice.

Feel down and need a 'pick-me-up'? Listen these audio lessons over an over again. They're yours to keep...Always!

I can tell you first-hand that having CONFIDENCE as part of my tool kit in life has gotten me places in life that I'm sure would not be the case if I had my head down or didn't speak up or didn't attend that event or didn't apply for that job... so the speak.

Having said that, there's a few areas that were once lacking total confidence that I built by enrolling in online courses, attending conferences, and putting myself in situations that were not always within my comfort zone.

I used to be scared to speak on stage or in front of a group of more that 5 - 7 people...

My saliva would LITERALLY get thick, I would sweat, and often see double vision and experience shortness of breath....

It's not something I'm proud of BUT, I'VE OVERCOME that...

I realized that I'm the ONLY person in the world that IS me and CAN BE ME!

A certain part of me was re-born to KNOW that I have an assignment to share my gift of empowering women and providing resources and training to become your BEST SELF in life and in business.

I realized I couldn't do that from a place of not FULLY showing up in the way that connect with YOU...

And, sometimes that showing up has to be from a stage or in a large crowd.

I've grown to be totally okay with that.

I DECIDED that enough was enough and I pushed past what was holding me back and you can too...STARTING TODAY...

I'm going to offer a more intensive course soon as well, since it's a topic that so prevalent and equally as needed.

The intensive course will be on a much more in-depth level. I'm thinking of doing it in January but this course is the pre-work for that for sure.

When I do intensive courses in my Life/Business Coaching Practice, they often have a dedicated time frame...anywhere from 3 days to a month. During that time I go DEEP with the chosen ladies. I literally have LIVE sessions, call-in audio trainings, and also open a secret Facebook group to allow us to really fellowship and ignite internal growth. IT'S AMAZING!!

More to come on that later...(if you already know you'd be interested in experiencing something like that, send me an email to and I'll add your name to my list to notify you first when I have the next one.) 🙂

If you're ready for change, here's the link to sign up for the pre-work course on confidence. Get it while it's 50% off. The discount code is BOOSTMEUP.

Have a great weekend!

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