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Benefits of Avocado Oil

I remember the first time I tasted guacamole. It was delicious, but I had tried my best to steer clear of eating it for years because of its color and texture. When I found out that guacamole was made of avocados I became even more suspicious. How could something so tasty come from something so unattractive. I'm not saying that we all eat based off of the visual attractiveness of food, but let's face it we do! We have even created a word in the English language for refusing to eat something because of the way it looks; unappetizing. The moral of the story here is walking past the ugly green fruit (yes avocado is a fruit) in the grocery...

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To Cut or NOT to Cut?

So yeah! I've got the itch to cut my hair. I don't know if it stems from the supa dupa fly short cuts I've been seeing lately OR, if it's that I'm personally ready for a new 'look'. Is anyone else experiencing this? I posted a message on Facebook earlier today about it and ladies chimed in from both sides. A few even said 'why do people grow their hair out, only to turn around and cut it'. I explained to them that I never went natural with the ultimate intention of growing my hair to my ankles. As long as my hair is healthy, the length doesn't matter. My only 'real' hesitation in cutting my hair it not being...

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Premium Avocado Oil - Your Hair and Skin BEST Kept Secret!!! Period.

Healthy in so many ways, avocados really are outstanding hair and skin beauty sources. We all want gorgeous hair and and skin and here’s how to go about getting it, through Natural Girls Rock Premium Avocado Oil. Avocado’s Benefits For Hair Monounsaturated Fatty Acids are the magic beans, so to speak, nestled inside all avocado oil, including our Premium brand. There’s more of this substance in avocado oil than you’ll find in coconut, grapeseed as well as extra virgin olive oil (EEVO). This is one the primary reasons Natural Girls Rock Premium Avocado Oil is relied upon when it comes to all-round hair health. Of course, there are various ways to use it, from hair masks to massage methodologies. Simple...

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