My Yoga Experience - Day 1

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  • Andrea on

    I agree with what’s been said – I’ve been in a yoga class for almost 2 years. It’s an awesome way to get the stretch you need after a rigorous workout. Also helps when the instructor is not too serious, very patient, and allows you to decide your own limits. Congrats on the new experience!

  • Teonn on

    I have been doing yoga for about a year now. It has helped me to improve my flexibility , balance and core strength. I recommend that everyone try it and be gentle with yourself as you try new poses. Do what you can and work your way up. It can give you a real work out.

  • Leslie Collins on

    Thanks for sharing. I will give this a try.

  • Janice Daugherty on

    I love Yoga, been doing it for years and it keeps you very flexible.

  • Connie Vaughn on

    I enjoyed this. It has been suggested that I try yoga as well. I had back surgery 8 months ago and I am
    Healing great. I might try to see if I can now do this. Thanks

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