Life Reflections That Matter

One thing I’ve learned in my 45 years is to STAND ON MY OWN TWO FEET. Not because of what I have, but because of who I am (and whose I am).
Not too long ago, I used to have an unhealthy fear of speaking publicly and a fear of being the center of attention behind the camera or in a room of any decent size.
It’s not that I wasn’t confident (because I very much so!)...It’s that I put so much emphasis on what others would (or may) think of me. What if I’m not who they thought? What if I let them down? What if someone in the audience challenges my message (there’s always one...).
I lived in the land of ‘what if’ but not in a good way. I allowed (for far too long) it to control things I would do (and not do...). I willfully passed by a many of speaking gigs I could have had, appearances I could have made, a TV show I could have done....but most of all, LIVES I COULD HAVE CHANGED in the process of doing those things...
I look back now and think how silly and immature that was on one hand. But on the other hand I also realize everybody has their own path of when they realize it’s time to shed those old ways so they can morph into who they’re really meant to this life.
One of my coaches once told me that if I don’t share my gift (helping small business owners to build brands that leave a legacy) that it was like committing a sin! 😳😢. On one hand, I thought “wow, that was a bit strong...”....but on the other hand, he’s right because I HAVE A GIFT and not sharing it is NOT doing what I was called to do! And if you’re not living in your true purpose, what’s the point of it all...why are you here?
Once I decided to stop putting perimeters on who I was destined to be, I became so free (insert Mozart!)
Free yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit. #Chapter45 #thisiswhoiam

- Kelly J (Natural Girls Rock Founder)

P.S. If this message has awakened something on the inside of you, feel free to leave a note below, as it may help someone else. 


  • Renee McGahee

    So, so touching to this young, 5 year breast cancer survivor (me). This touched my soul!

  • Andrea Shinault

    Thank you for sharing this was confirmation for me. Praise God!

  • Andrea Waters

    God Bless you for gifting us with this message on your birthday! Living on purpose is most times a scary venture to start. Thanks for reminding me to get out of my own way with my “what if’s”.

  • Yvette Robinson

    Hi , thank you for sharing and thanks be to God!

  • Yvette

    Hi , thank you for sharing and thanks be to God!

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