(OPEN JOURNAL NOTES) - I want to share something with you...

So, many of you have shared with me that you absolutely LOVE my 'Motivation Monday' messages and that many times they come 'right on time' for what's going on in your life. 

I think that's awesome and thought I may be able to better support you wherever you may be in your life journey by sharing even more in-depth and more often with you. 

That's how I came with 'The Open Journal'' concept...

So here goes...

As many of you know, I'm Kelly J (the founder of Natural Girls Rock). I'm also a wife and mom and run another business (www.CoachKellyJ.com). I offer business and life coaching courses there. You can also follow me on IG at @CoachKellyJ for all sorts of business and life tips. 

My husband, 'AJ' is also an entrepreneur. He's a real estate investor in the Atlanta Metro area. You can follow him on IG at (@Insidetheflip_). 

Yeah, he does that cool stuff you see on HGTV but things don't always run as smoothly as the TV portrays, but that's another story for another day....:)

My life....is rather busy, as is the case with most of us. There never seems to be enough time to handle everything that needs to happen in a 24 hour period but I try to make the most our every situation. 

One thing I've learned recently that I find fascinating is this:

...when I find myself upset about a situation, I need to STOP, step back and look at the FACTS of the situation, rather than operating from an emotional place. 

When we operate from an emotional state (or better yet, something we PERCEIVE to be true, we are not operating from the REALITY of that situation). 

Then, when we begin to draw conclusions from what we perceive is real, we can be navigating in a dangerous area.....off of something that may not even be true. 

When I learned this concept the other day at a business conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands (yes, it was very nice...lol), it caused me to think back over my life and situations where I totally overreacted and didn't know any better. 

Now, I know better and I vow to DO better. 

Can you relate? 

Have you every 'blown your top' over something that you didn't even have all the facts about? Was it recent? Would you be willing to go to that person and apologize or at least gather more facts?

Just something to think about...

If you need to vent about it, feel free to post below. :)

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