How To Set Monthly Intentions


How many times have you heard “What you think, you become”? Setting intentions is the first step to embodying what you want in life and who you want to become.

It allows you to get clear on who you want to be and gives you guiding principles to focus on to get to where you want to be.


Goal setting is about what we want to do and intention setting is about how we want to be. Intentions are an aim or purpose that you want to align with your life.

It’s about choosing to be a certain way and approaching life with a sense of purpose. Goals are usually external achievements and intentions are the relationships with yourself and others.

Intention: Feel energized and well-rested throughout the day

Goal: Go to bed by 11 p.m.

The important thing to take away from the difference between intentions and goals is that intentions are about how you want to be and feel.



At the end of each month, sit down in a quiet place and reflect on what you want to embody for the next month. Start by clearing your mind and think of what you truly desire out of life.

What’s the most important to you? What values do you want to embody? What decisions will get you closer to where you want to be? How do you want to feel? What will you bring you long-term fulfillment and joy?

Make them meaningful and personal so you are motivated to carry them through.



Writing down your intentions will help make them more tangible and puts them out in the universe to help them come to life.

I find it helpful to first do a brain dump and write everything down that comes to mind when you’re reflecting. Doing this helps to clear your mind and gets to the bottom of what you truly want.

After the brain dump, pick a few that you really want to work on this month.

You don’t have to have a specific number of intentions. If 8 is too overwhelming to focus on try 3 or even 1. Choose a number that is doable for you.



Instead of setting an intention like “stress less” flip it into “be calm, relax and trust that everything will work out.” Focus on the good as much as you can.

Making your intentions positive and uplifting will help shape a positive tone in your thinking and beyond. 


Here are a few intention ideas to get you started:

1.Be flexible and embrace change
2.Remember you are filled with abundance
3.Be open to giving a helping hand
4.Listen to understand not respond
5.Learn one new thing every day
6.Participate in daily activities that fill your cup
7.Be present with family and friends

Setting intentions allows you to feel centered and balanced no matter what’s happening around you. Instead of going through the motions, it gives your days purpose and gets you closer to who and where you want to be.

By rewiring your brain to focus on positive intentions, you are releasing positive energy and opening yourself up to be the best version of yourself.


  • Lecia

    Whew this is some good information!! Im already taking advantage of this BREATHING TIME while I have a chance ! This article is so helpful!! I’m definitely trying this method! I’ve always focus on long term goals. Thanks for SHARING!!

  • Pamela Jones

    I must focus on what my intentions are, I need to make some decisions and it’s not going to be easy. I will follow this guide and work on monthly intentions and not be overwhelmed by trying to set and meet the bigger goal.

  • Mikki

    These are great…With having to be still right now, this is a wonderful way to put intentions into place and be accountable for the day, giving self care.

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