Have you ever considered locing your hair?

Posted by Kelly J on


  • I’ve been natural over 30 years, I still get “old fashioned” press n curl, sometimes a flatiron. I’m tired of it all, my sister and a co worker have locs and their hair is long, beautiful and healthy. After reading these posts I am going to pray about it and ask God to lead me. My congratulations to ALL of you!!!!! Thank you for your posts!!!!

    LaVerne Rhinehart on

  • I really want to loc my hair but first I need to know where to go so I can keep my hair looking good and I love different styles, I live in Goldsboro NC can you help me?

    Danni on

  • I’ve been sister loc’d a little over a year and I love it. I couldn’t imagine ever getting rid of them. Of course they come with their only set of challenges. However, their benefits far outweigh any minor challenge I may have with them from time to time.

    Shara Jones on

  • My hair has been loced now for 12 going on 13 years! It was down to my butt then I cut it to a little below my shoulder in 2018 now it is to my mid-back! It is the healthiest it has ever been!!! Many Blessings on this new hair journey my sista!!!

    Kris Washington on

  • Congratulations on starting your loc journey. I decided 2 months ago that I’m going to loc mine as well and I have an appointment on February 4th. My hair is long and really thick and I’m really nervous because I wear a lot of twist outs and wonder how I will feel when I’m no longer able to wear my big hair anymore. I’m having it colored at the same time (so tired of black and boring) and really want a totally different, new & fresh look. I’m nervous and excited at the same time; but cannot wait for my new look!

    Blue Hill on

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