Denim, Denim, and MORE Denim!

My one life obsession…. DENIM!!

I’m hands down a denim girl year around! Lol it can be blazing 85 degrees in the Summer and I’m that one friend that will have on her distressed denim jeans (and unbothered! lol). But, denim in the fall is the best piece to have in your closet and go along with any look! It’s so versatile, and there’s so many denim options! Of course denim jeans, shoes, chockers, hats, jackets, denim detailing on shirts, the list just goes on!! Here are four go to looks I go for when rocking denim!

First up, frayed jeans!

I love a great pair of frayed jeans with a pop of color heel… Talk about owning the room with greatly detailed denim, and skinny fitting jeans to show off those heels.

As well, rocking a denim on denim look requires you to bring out the bold accessories to complete the outfit! Especially an eye-catching handbag or clutch…  Just as the Chanel purse! This is a great go-to casual dinner look or a night out in the town!

The next look is the main reason I love denim, it’s a neutral!! Denim is the best way to show off those staple pieces in your closet. Staple pieces such as trench coats, dusters, blazers, etc.

Denim keeps those staple pieces clean and polished. For the third denim look, ladies get into the details! Embroidery denim and a leather jacket…. WHAT A STATEMENT!

I love playing with textures and don’t be afraid too. You have to be creative while creating the ‘IT’ look! Lastly, the look we all love! A graphic tee and boyfriend cuffed distressed jeans! Casual, comfortable, cute and completing the look with great accessories, and a stand out shoe. What more can you ask for? (lol) The real question is how are you going to rock your denim today?

- Kendra Michelle  

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