Can You REALLY Change Your Look With A Few Accessories? Are they THAT big of a deal??

July 12, 2017 3 Comments

ABSOLUTELY! A few accessories can make all the difference between chic and sour. What's the trick?? Glad you asked!

You spend all that time primping your hair, trying to make your twist-out look like the beauty you saw on YouTube. Then you face the "what do I wear today" segment of the morning.  You make a quick selection and then what happens next? You probably throw on a few accessories, grab a handbag, leap into a pair of heels and sashay out the door. Right?? Well, let's slow this boat down a little and examine the topic.

This is NO false promise.The most IMPORTANT thing to remember is a PROPER mix-n-match. This is the phase where you see what goes with your couture. Take your time to shoot this decision in the bull's eye. 

If you have on a white top, chances are red or obsidian chains with silver bracelets or bangles will stand out on it. To complement a black pant or skirt, you can use pink either on your hair, around your waist, or for your heels. Dangling earrings make you look taller and a nice yellow handbag completes the ensemble. 

As you may already be visualizing, accessories like these make you look totally FEMININE and possessing of a sense of INDEPENDENCE. You dress to impress, but you're STILL your own woman. THIS is the power accessories have. They may be drops in the fashion-ocean, but when you think about it, what's an ocean but a collection of drops? [Wink].

Check out some of these 60-Seconds of Styles 'looks'....







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Percie Phillips
Percie Phillips

June 09, 2018

I’m 61 years old just cut my hair reall short need help need hair products and a style change

Brooklyn NY

Shirley Underhill-Lovelace
Shirley Underhill-Lovelace

October 10, 2017

I would like to know if you will restock the Ruffled Jean Dress?

Sandra Evans
Sandra Evans

July 13, 2017

I love all the information ♡
It’s so exciting and helpful
Thanks bunches for the love ♡

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