At Home Work Out Regimen


  • Holly Schindler

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  • Cheryl Jones

    Goood morning, I have had injury to both of my knees and lower back with radiating pain down my legs. I walk on lunch when weather permits for 25 mins. Because of my injury sometimes I don’t get to work what can I do in place of this at home.?

  • S Marie

    After surgery on both ankles and my gallbladder removed I thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything to help build my confidence back. Appreciate ALL you do.

  • Ms Nita

    Listened to your video this morning and you really connected to my spirit. Wanted to tell you that you are doing a GREAT work inspiring others!! My biggest challenge is not in being motivated, but in being consistent so that it becomes a lifestyle change. Your suggestions of writing a love letter and vision board are tools that I plan to implement to remind me to STAY on course- weeks, months and years later- Thanks!!
    P.S. Plan to start a fitness group with other women to help pass on this info….

  • Miz Pugh
    Thanks having a hard time trying to jumpstart my healthy eating and exercise. Just happen to run across your video. It inspired me, thank you so much. I’m going to start tomorrow morning or maybe even 25 jumping jacks tonight. I’m 55 years old and totally out of shape. Thanks again, and God bless you.

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