Are you overweight...but keep telling yourself you'll start on Monday?

Are we more concerned about our hair health than our body health?

It seems that we, as a community, have become so 'caught up' with how well we take care of our hair, what chemicals we choose to put in it and what we absolutely refuse touch our hair. 

How many times have you picked up a bottle of hair 'stuff' and immediately read the label to see what's in it?

Do you do the same at the grocery store?

I'm guilty as charged BUT, 10 days ago, I started on a different path to a healthier ME.

Today I dug a little deeper on this video chat about shifting and extending that same attention to what we choose to put IN our bodies. 

Watch below and join in the commitment to become a healthier YOU. ;)

NOTE: Click the picture to play. The volume button needs to be adjusted to hear the audio. Enjoy!

Are you willing to make a commitment TODAY to lead and live a more healthy lifestyle? 

Simply type 'YES' in the comments below. Also, if you want a buddy, you can list your email address below and perhaps connect with someone across the world that also needs a buddy. 

Wishing you great hair, health, and happiness!

Kelly J


  • Me Chelle

    yess!! I need a buddy…Im in STL

  • Charise

    Yes. In South Korea trying to lose this extra weight that left and came back with a vengeance.

  • Traci

    Yes, I’m in this has been a true struggle for me. A couple of years ago, I started on this journey with some friends and we did well. About 6 months ago I started a new job so it’s hard for me to get up and do my early morning workout. I was the one who kept everyone else on track and encouraged them. Now that I need the encouragement and accountability no one is around. It’s very frustrating and somewhat hurtful. So I’m in need of a new buddy.. I’m in the Richmond, VA area.

  • Barbara Spears

    Yes, Im guilt of not staying on track with my weight. Im 62 weight 200lbs but body is portion even. I feel that I can do more to commit to excerise more and change some eating habits like snacks. Don’t eat red meat or pork. I like being natural cleansing inside and out. I do feel 100% when I stay on track. My model and saying if you take care of your body and mind they will take care of you. Your body is a natural healing and thrive on the things you put in them so, we need to be more mindful of health and wellness of ourselves. I always say to myself stop talking about it and be about!! My journey will be stay committed.

  • Kiesha

    Yes…I’m in

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