Adult manners matter....


  • Zakiyaah Khan Bey

    Grand Rising Goddesses Adult manners are very important. I have this conversation often. It’s Great when we as Adults Demonstrate proper mannerism. Have a Great Day All.

  • Debbie Maletta

    Happy Friday Kelly!

    Yes, manners matter.
    Love your hair!!!


  • Joann Lofton

    I would have probably said it sure does look delicious thanks for asking me if I wanted to order. Some people don’t have manners like we think they should’ve.

  • Sharon

    Yes manners matter. I’m sending an email today at work. I work at an office where we rotate offices or cubicles every 3-6 months because we get an opportunity to work in different units. The workstation that I moved to yesterday was left filthy. I’m not ya momma or ya maid. It wasn’t just the popcorn or crumbs. It’s ground dirt and stuck on mess. I’m coming in an hour early so I can clean the crap up. It’s redunkyoulous😳


    Common courtesy sucks sometimes in salons. Well at least your hair turned out FABULOUS ❤

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