Length or Health??

What are **YOUR** natural hair goals? Length?? Health?? Style?? There has been a recent trend of 'seasoned naturals' getting their hair cut in a trendy style and it makes many others assume they are 'newly natural'. Is length retention the MAIN reason YOU chose natural hair?? Let's talk about it .....

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  • Karen

    I started my journey 5 years ago out of curiosity and tired of relaxing my hair. Also felt as African American woman wanted to display my natural beauty not what I was told was beautiful. My hair is a work in progress but at 50 am loving the curls and thickness am experiencing on this journey and I wear my crown proudly.

  • Cookye

    I`ve been on a natural journey for the majority of my adult life and now at 63 with a head full of gorgeous artfully styles locks. I`m passing my love of our natural beauty on to my grand daughter. I never miss an opportunity to tell her how beautiful she is and always will be. Keep on being happy to be nappy…

  • Cassie

    I’ started my natural hair journey back in 2005, so 13 years strong. I stopped relaxing my hair due to having eczema in my head and being 24 and Mot wanting to loose my hair; having not embraced being bald at that time, my only option wasn’t to eliminate harsh chemicals and change my diet. I have since cut my hair off twice, had dreads, and now rock a half shaven head with a long hair to the side. Alll that to say healthy stylish hair is what I go for.

  • Terry Faith

    I have been natural for 5yrs and even though i’ve had major setbacks inform of hairloss for the last 2-3yrs, i am now more into healthy hair over length. I believe that if your hair is healthy, it will grow.

  • Missi

    Been natural for about 5 years but in the last year or so finally stopped pressing it all together and now just wearing my natural curl and loving it. I am still learning something new frequently as the top grows out as I like the back and sides tapered for an edger look. Not sure of my goal other than healthy natural hair that I don’t need to be concerned about it drawing up when I work out.

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