Are "Work Suits" a Thing of the Past??

Are "Work Suits" A Thing Of The Past?


I think so...ouch! Sorry grandma!.....If you take the time to observe women walking through an office wearing their work attire, you'll see a MAJORITY of them rocking' separates. Why does it look like work suits are becoming a thing of the past? Perhaps because men inspired it in the first place and put a standard of professionalism around it that somehow doesn’t make women look like as feminine and sleek as we'd like......especially more recently.

Fashion has long spread its roots in the corporate world where you can look like a lady AND dress for power. This essential mix every woman deserves to display is what permitted knee-length skirts to go with that business jacket, sensual ankle-length coats to wear between power lunches, heels that needn't always be black or white, and other couture ideas. 

When you see women lawyers wearing dashes of restrained-green on their blouses and intimidating-red for heels, you won' doubt THERE'S a woman with confidence and the capability to make people listen to her in the courtroom. 

When you see an executive of a major financial company use black and gray amidst bolder hues and adorn her form with smart accessories you see a woman who's willing to express herself and treat HERSELF right, making her words take on a powerful sense of convincing in the conference room. 

What about that woman you see walking by you in the halls of a major telecom company and you just FEEL she has a major say in the company's day to day activities? Even though you don't know her you can sense that about her because she DRESSES the part. 

Do YOU find that you wear more suits or more separates? What's your reason? Please share below: 


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