How To Accent Your Upper Body

May 14, 2014 1 Comment

How To Accent Your Upper Body

No two women share the same shape. Differing body shapes mean you need to CHANGE your idea of clothing to suit your SHAPE and not just what you want to go on your body. Even though we're gonna be focusing on upper bodies and how you can accent them with the right COLORS, you'll first need to have a basic idea of the FOUR main body shapes women have. 

The apple, pear, rectangle and hourglass! These four shapes are something almost all women fall into. APPLES usually have CURVY upper bodies and have rather THIN arms and legs. PEARS are SMALL-BUSTED with nice well-rounded hips that are WIDER than their shoulders. RECTANGLES have a very ATHLETIC look. This 'young-boy' look is also something runway models are known to share where curves are absent and slim is the name of the game. HOURGLASS is often considered the IDEAL shape where the shoulder or bust and hips are aligned, holding a nice narrow waist.

Which body type are you? If you're none of these, which one do you most CLOSELY resemble? After you've settled on your shape, check out what you can do to glam up. Let's stick to talk of the UPPER BODY alone.

Apples sure can do well with DEEP colors (navy blue, earth brown, jungle green, aubergine and of course black) because they make you look STREAMLINED. For this body-type a MONOCHROME look doesn't come off as dull because it's too busy sliming you down. Combine with some relatively lighter colors and you're all set. Stay AWAY from bold patterns and prints and instead opt for gingham, polka dots and horizontal stripes, each of which (and others) aim to EVEN OUT your curves and streamline you. 

Pears have ALL SORTS of colors to have fun with. Use DARKER colors to slim up the hip, thigh and rear areas while BRIGHTER hues do an ace job with balancing your overall look. Bold patterns/prints are GREAT for your upper body and it's best you DON'T go all monochrome or overly bold when you select tops.

Rectangles need CURVES and the best means of doing that is to adopt light and/or bright colors. They EXPAND your look and impart curviness. Dark hues slim you down so use them in CONTRAST with other clothes to accent your upper body. Prints/patterns for rectangles are perfect ways to add curve-appeal and TIGHT tops are great choices.

Hourglasses are the easiest to work with because ANY color will fit them, especially BRIGHT hues for the upper body. You can even check out some nice LIGHT hues for a change. ACCENT your waist and bust so your whole upper body looks sexy and wear stuff that bring our your hourglass SHAPE as often as you can without making yourself too uncomfortable. 


What shape do you think you are and what do you currently do to accent it? Leave comments below: 



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July 21, 2017

i wear tight and a flared bottom shirt

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