Best Lipstick Colors Out There!!

July 09, 2014 4 Comments

Best Lipstick Colors Out There


Your LIPS are one of the most prominent features on your face. It's for this very reason you need to color it up perfectly. Using lip scrubs to get those dead cells off gives you a nice smooth CANVAS to play with. Blotting, balancing, lining, and more are all make-up ideas you can use to have fun.

Moving on to the topic itself, let's explore some of the best lipstick colors out there. Traditionally, it depended on your skin tone, however, with the emergence of the florescent and 'louder tones, your dress and other obvious factors have totally changed the lipstick color GAME~!

Let's start with a classic CHINESE-RED. This is one lipstick color that will suit you when you're out for a party or attending a nice formal dinner. It adds color to an otherwise 'somber' dinner party or brings out your wild side if you've opted to take it up a notch from your norm. :)

PEACH is something you can adopt easily, especially during the warm months. Wearing sundresses and hats brings out this hue. 

BABY PINK is ideal for a first date or to go and meet your future! It imparts innocence and cuteness. Oftentimes light pink like this makes you seem younger and more fun, so use it together with complementing clothes to being out the best from this hue.

BURGUNDY is amazing on darker skin. It adds mature femininity and a sense of boldness. If your skin tone is on the lighter side, this lipstick hue may be a bit more risky but you CAN make it work by balancing with other factors, including where you are going and what you want your overall 'look' to exude. 

PINKISH-OCHRE is one of those hues that are a mixture of both, in this case red and pink. They add a very free and fun appeal to you and are great for all sorts of attire. Finding them in a shade that works for you can be tricky. Besides, be sure you don't buy them too glossy.

In conclusion, some of the best lipstick colors are the ones that YOU make work for YOU. Play with it a little and most of all, have fun!!! 


Do YOU play with your lippie colors? Which ones do you like?

Here's a few I like: 


"Baby Pink" lippie......Get it HERE


"Coy" lippie......Get it HERE

"Shocking Pink" lippie.....Get it HERE

"Frosted Plum" lippie.......Get it HERE 

"Hot Mess" lippie......Get it HERE

"Vamp Red"......Get it HERE

 "Butter Beurre" lippie......Get it HERE

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February 23, 2015

I totally agree with Myrtle Tàylor. Everyone not this light.


August 25, 2014

I love your accessories, but it would be nice if the earrings could come with a post and more clip on earrings for those that have bigger holes in their ears. my hole is close to my lobe and i try not to wear too many daggling earrings. Can this be done???

Myrtle Tàylor
Myrtle Tàylor

July 10, 2014

I would like to see lipstick for dark skin women,


July 09, 2014

I have Hot Mess and just ordered Coy online (somewhere else, sorry!) I find it messy to apply and a bit runny, but the color pay-off is worth it I think. A lot cheaper than the Too Faced Melted ones that they’re duping!

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