Clothes Your Closet MUST Have!!

April 16, 2014 1 Comment

Clothes Your Closet Must Have

These aren’t just gonna be stuff you CAN have, or stuff you'd probably LIKE to have…..These are ESSENTIALS every woman must have in her wardrobe. Yeah, they can sometimes be a bit expensive but that only means those very pieces will ENDURE and be in style for a while longer than you may expect. Now THAT'S something worth investing in. Plus, some of them may be great 'thrift finds'!! 

The Black Call

Under this color-category, here are the attire pieces you need to have. A Little Black Dress or LBD is a one-piece slip-on or zip-up dress that will serve you well in any fashion emergency. One black blazer is enough to keep you looking sophisticated when needed. As a consequence, it's only logical you have black trousers to chic things up. Be certain to buy the FEMININE ones where they're tight in all the right places. A knee-length black skirt is an ideal addition as well. Completing the 'black call' is a pair of black pumps and a nice black leather bag

Notice how these individual pieces have the potential to impart immense SEX APPEAL. They can be mixed and matched with almost anything. You can somber down or style up, put on colors that complement your overall look and MORE. 

The Shirt

This one is IMPORTANT for a woman because, though inspired by men, a crisp white button-down shirt is PERFECT for almost all your fashion needs and you'll almost always look as HOT as you want to make yourself appear. In addition to bride-white, get yourself a collection of OTHER shirt colors and keep yourself stocked and ready to style.

The Trench Coat

If you can't afford the one from Burberry's then get a nice brown trench coat that comes CLOSE to that look but is available at less lofty rates. This coat in itself makes you STAND OUT in a crowd, beating the very nature of coats that help keep your real dress hidden and safe from the elements while traveling between locations. To repeat, NEVER opt for a trench coat like the stuff men wear. There's a marked difference between that and the feminine ones, so opt for the latter.


Certainly you can’t imagine a wardrobe that doesn't have JEANS in it. Keep AWAY from the tapering kind and opt for the more graceful, feminine, tight-in-all-the-right-places type of jeans and you'll have the power to create a rustic laid-back fashion statement like never before. 

Pearls and Diamonds

To keep this as blunt as possible, if you can’t afford the REAL deal it's not wrong or shameful for you to buy some fake ones…..It's not very likely that the lay-eye will be able to tell the difference. :) Pearls and diamonds must be used SEPARATELY so you distribute attention between the two. They suit most clothes and are great for looking SEXY in a CLASSY way.

Red Lipstick

No explanation Needed. :)

Chuck Taylor Sneakers

Just Because :)

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April 20, 2014

Brooks Brothers also carries beautiful trench coats, of which, I am the proud owner of 3!

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