How A Belt Can Transform Your Look

How A Belt Can Transform Your Look

When a woman performs a stylish walk, one of the FIRST things you notice is the way her legs move. Immediately after that you pick up on her HIPS that sway so elegantly and her WAIST that curves so sensually. 

Around that zone you'll find one of the most POWERFUL accessories a woman can learn to use right and it's called a BELT. It truly is one of those transformative pieces. With all the variety out there, be sure you take your time to choose the belt BASED ON the design and how well it complements your shape, dress and other factors that include your shoes and skin tone. Here are some belt ideas for you to consider…

Chain Accent: This chic belt's main attraction is in the shiny chain it DANGLES like a swing, adding soft-sound appeal and a sense of liveliness.

Stud Embellished: This bedazzling number is BOLD as it is charismatic and gives you a sure fire way to gain the attention of those around you.

Leather Braid: Faux or original, the power behind this belt is in its sensual BRAID design, adding a touch of class WHILE also imparting a vision of modernity.

Cut-Out Skinny: Thin, borderless and extremely girly, this belt ACCENTS your hips in all subtlety, bringing in that FRESH look to your person.

Studded Plate Stretch: In addition to being ELASTIC and bringing that singular flavor of sex appeal to your body, the studded plate is the primary attractive element with that IDEAL level of glam and chic.

Door Knocker: Not often easy to get, this belt has a SUPERB design right where the buckle should be. Resembling a door knocker it's a miracle how FEMININE the designers have made this addition turn out.

Metal Buckle Stretch: Again, the versatility of elasticity aside, the metal buckle on this belt is SLIM and womanly, adding allure, POSHNESS and a sense of wealth.

Leather Chain Combo: With some parts leather and other parts chain this belt is an ILLUSION anyone will love to fall for, adding slimness, elegance AND fun to your person.

Chain Link: A fully-evolved cousin of that earlier piece, this belt is EASY to slip on and makes for a very CONFIDENT addition verging on arrogance but STAYS in the feminine zone.

Bow Stretch: With a girly-girl touch like a BOW, this belt rocks your look with cuteness, beauty and sensuality, ALL working in unison. 


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    So true…. A belt is the butter to the dryest cake!

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