Infinity Scarf.....Tricks of the Trade

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Infinity Scarf.....Tricks of the Trade

What's an Infinity scarf? 

Is it some highly expensive piece of couture you can't afford nor understand the purpose of, let alone how to wear it? Quite the opposite, actually. Any very long scarf that has no ends but one closed loop is an infinity scarf. 

Wanna see HOW to rock one?? 

The key is to find a long fabric that has no ends, hence the name, and the loop starts and ends way down, almost to your knees, or even beyond. The length of the fabric will determine almost infinite ways to ROCK it! The WAY you wear it is essential.

An infinity scarf can make you look absolutely divine, with a touch of class. It improves your strut in some ways as well. All that fabric sitting along the length of your body kinda guides your flow. You'll see when you try it on.

Consider this a ring made of fabric and, as such, can indeed glam you up in a jiffy. There are three standard sizes in this scarf genre--small, medium, and long--so choose the one that works best on you and you're ready to enter phase two. Note that such scarves can have extended widths and/or lengths, so don't feel you can't make it work.

One way of using an infinity scarf is to summon the Double Wrap. This is when you put it around your neck, twist it and wrap it again in a double loop. Spread it over the tops of your shoulders, like a neckline. You'll see how beautifully it keeps you from feeling lumpy or lopsided.

The Cape Effect doesn't look as masculine as it sounds. Picture this… You do the Double-Wrap (mentioned above) but instead of letting the scarf-folds sit on top of your shoulders, you merely pull them down to cover them. From the front you get that sensual cape-look and gives a super sexy look. 

A slightly more complicated maneuver is the Hoodie Wrap. This is essentially a hood you craft from the infinity scarf. Your imagination can play in diverse ways here, because you get to style or shape the scarf's length and folds any way you like. Just remember to lift a thin veil of it over your head, forming that lovely classy Jackie O hood-effect. 

Speaking of class, how does a vest sound? Don’t shake your head yet, because a vest on a woman brings out her shape, waist, hips and bust. To this end, imagine an infinity scarf, gentle and soft as it is, playing the part. It's sheer magic. You'll need an infinity scarf whose length isn't too long. First, you slip into the ring as if into a skirt. Then you ease it all the way up, get your neck under so one end sits on the nape of your neck. The other obviously goes under your arms to sit on your lower back. Voila, you have yourself a Forever Vest.

Similar to that is the Bolero Circle. You can even create the Forever Vest using this method. You use the scarf like a t-shirt, putting your arms through the loop ends and having it cover your shoulders and lower back like, well, a bolero.

Last we come to the Infin-Eight, which is the sexiest of them all. You'll need a shorter-length scarf for this one. It can act as your bra, holding you together from the back of your shoulders to the front where you give the scarf a twist and lift your head into the loop. Adjust it into a hood and you have bra-support, tautness and sex appeal, all rolled into one infinity scarf spell that will leave beach-goers enchanted.





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  • Sylvia on

    I have been yrying to purchase an infinity scarf and they are constantly sold out. I purchased a black one and received a $5.00 off coupon with my purchase to use on my next purchase which I cannot do because my coupon expired because you never have any infinity scarfs. Can you tell me when they will be restocked

  • Erika on


  • Crystal Moore on

    Yes, Infinity Scarfs rock! I have been making (crochet) them all winter. They also look good on “natural” guys!

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