How to Transform a Day-Look Into a Night-Look

February 25, 2013 4 Comments

 How To Transform A Day-Look Into A Night-Look

 Starting off with a nice, well-rounded "look" in the a.m. really makes it easier to create your p.m "look". This may seem easy on the surface to some. However, what makes this a tricky situation is when evening comes calling, along with a possible happy hour plan (spontaneous or not) or a potential date with someone you really like. What happens then? Do you run home to undergo a total "look-change"? Not when you have the option of using a little smart magic to transform your day-look into a night one. 

If you know before you leave home that you WILL be going out that night, start by considering what you don't take with you to the office and chuck that in a bag. These could include items like a statement clutch, a look-at-me coat or heels that are not conservative enough for the office. In addition to these, be sure to grab your makeup bag in case you decide to convert to a evening palette.  Now that the initial phase is covered, check out how you can perform the transformation. We'll be going top to bottom here.

The first most prominent thing you may want to change to give off that evening appeal is your eye shadow. If you don't already have one, put one on. No need for anything too dramatic but something that allows you to exude a sense of wild confidence, all suppressed and feminine. You can't go wrong with this one (wink!).

Scarves work a singular form of magic on your upper body. They add accents, color, and personality, making you look classy and feel sexy at the same time. This is where a nice colored scarf, preferably one that goes with your coat/blazer (discussed below) is needed. Loop and embellished scarves are other amazing choices.

Your upper body can't go without a short coat, jacket, or blazer to adorn it. The very idea of a night-look is to allow you the chance to stand out, so wear something bright. Don't go formal or somber. 

Purses are the need of the hour, not handbags. You can easily imagine what goes into the day-look and what into the night. Jazzy purses or ones with shine, glitter, or bejeweling serve to declare your presence and follow in the age-old tradition of all hand-held statements that act as icons, telling the world what sort of personality you possess. 

If you're in one of those cold-clime countries, displaying bare legs can be a lesson in natural discomfort. To this end tights will work. Chances are you already have them on for the day and using it for the evening is certainly okay. After all, legs are one of the most attractive features on a woman.

This last addition to your night-look transformation could well end up being the most important. Have you noticed how good shoes can make you walk like royalty? This is what happens when you slip into those ideal heels, rendering you sexy, highly attractive without screaming for attention and quite intimidating in a manner befitting a woman. 

One counter-intuitive suggestion where heels are concerned, don't always go for the most comfortable. Yes, this is evening time when you relax and such, but fashion can be quite imposing sometimes, so go with the flow if you need to. If you're the kind of woman who loves her shoes, you'll end up forgetting the mild discomfort and actually 'living' the heels.

These ideas can come across as magical to the people who don't know what you did to transform your day-look into a night-look using nothing but small suggestions like this. 

See ya' at happy hour!!!

Here's a few examples:

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January 14, 2014

The hairstyles are so unique and fashion is soo cute :)

Blondie Diva!
Blondie Diva!

July 23, 2013

Beauty is my favorite word when it comes to style. I love to wake up and know that I have items that will make me feel like a Queen. I dream of how beautiful I would look when I am getting up for work. Remember looking, feeling and dressing to impress describes your character and will make your day a better day. To all the Diva’s stay beautiful! Have a blessed day!


February 26, 2013

Love this! I also love sharing your style ideas with my curlfriends and FB friends in chilly MN. Keep them coming. We can use all of the hauteness we can get!


February 25, 2013

Awesome article! Thanks!

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