7-Day Attitude Adjustment Challenge

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  • Johnette Houston - Barton on

    I have written down the challenge. Get back with you in 7 days.

  • Tiffany on

    This is good, especially the part about doing something for yourself. I have forgotten to do that for so long. Always doing for everyone else.

  • Rhonda S on

    So no RBF——LMAO!! my good girlfriend always says that I have the ultimate “RBF” look all the time. At first I thought she was joking. Ok – maybe not!!

    I have written down the challenge. Wish me luck!

  • yolanda r soule on

    Thankyou for that little pick me up itas alot of blackwomen who need a little pep talk i think this is the start of something good maybe a new blog .

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