5 Style Tips That Will Help You Look More Slim

Hey Fashionistas!

Here’s a few quick and easy style tips to help you look and feel more slim when getting dressed. Remember the key is to feel comfortable and sexy! 

  1. Wear heels with skinny jeans. If you’re a fan of skinny jeans but feel self-conscious about the width of your legs, avoid flats and flip flops at all costs. You can make your legs look longer by ensuring your denim is ankle-length (or slightly longer) and pairing them with a sexy pair of pointed-toed heels. 
  2. Invest in shape wear. If you want to know how to dress to look thinner, shapewear is about to become your new best friend. Most women save shapewear for special occasions, but there’s no reason it can’t become a daily staple. Shapewear offers more support than your average undergarments, hides bulges and imperfections like cellulite, and gives an overall slimmer appearance. 
  3. Dress in one color. When you dress in 2 contracting colors and/or prints, the eye is naturally drawn to the area in which the 2 come together, which is typically your waistline. This can be a good thing if you have a natural hourglass figure, but if you want to elongate an already boxy frame, dressing in one color is a simple way to lengthen your body by creating one, sweeping look. This is why pieces like “The Wear Everywhere” Dress tend to flatter any body shape.
  4. Define your waist. If you want to know how to dress to look thinner, finding ways to define your waist is a great first step. This helps create the illusion that you have an hourglass figure with curves in exactly the right places, even if you don’t. Opt for high-waisted bottoms made with structured fabrics, tuck loose-fitting shirts into pants and skirts, and cinch dresses with a small belt. Or for example Lizzo adding a Fanny  pack to her outfit. 
  5. Wear v-neck tops. Another simple but effective tip to teach you how to dress to look thinner is to wear v-neck tops as they help elongate your upper body by adding balance to your hips and thighs. This is an especially great tip for gals with a bigger bust as v-neck tops will naturally draw the eye away from problem areas and towards the cleavage instead. Check out our V-Neck Tees Here and pair them with your favorite pair of jeans and heels!


“Make Everything Around You Beautiful!”


K’ Marie

Brand Manager Of Natural Girls Rock


  • Sharon Stephens

    Thanks so much for the tips

  • Dominique Randall

    Great tips. Shapewear is an absolute must, especially when wearing a dress or skirt.

  • Michelle N.

    Thanks for sharing these tips.
    Many of them I have never thought of….others will help my weight-loss journey feel better.

  • Rubbie Berry

    Thanks for the tips I tried a ruched at the waist dress and love the confidence I now have with my size.



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