5 Important Criteria When Choosing a Stylist

July 16, 2015 4 Comments

There's a misunderstanding in the natural community that once you go natural the only reason you need a stylist are for special occasions or hair styles that require special skill. Natural hair stylists are for more than just braids, birthdays, weddings and re-twists. Natural hair stylists are more than just stylists, they're experts in hair care and can actually help your transition and hair journey a lot more than one may think! They provide helpful information, at home product recommendations for your specific hair type and not to mention, give you a break on styling your own hair.

Now we know we have all had that one stylists that we will never go back to. Ha! (funny but not really)! Making the mistake of putting your hair in someone’s hands that you can't trust is one of the most nerve wracking cases of anxiety that exists. We want to attempt to save you from picking the wrong stylist. Choosing a stylist is a lot like dating. You want to ask questions but not too many, be open to new things, be willing to trust and know when it's time to fire and hire someone better.

We've compiled a list of the top 5 criteria to look for when choosing a new stylist. This should help you save some time and pick a stylist that you can be on the same page with when it comes to your precious mane. Let's Go!

1. Education (formal or cosmetology when choosing a stylist )

You want to know what kind of education they have when it comes to cosmetology. If they are in a salon that should probably have some kind of state license. Now days there are quite a few stylists that operate out of their homes and are self taught or taught by family or friends. Stylists that are self taught or have only taken classes and workshops in hair care but have no professional license can still be great at what they do. You'll be the deciding factor in that. Sips tea....:)

2. Self Presentation

The quote says to 'never judge a book by it's cover',  but let's be real....... we do it anyway! Even if our perception of a person changes after we get to know them, a stylist works in a business that is all about looks. The way a stylist presents themselves says a lot about how they feel, not only about themselves but the worth of what they do. Would you buy a car from a man dressed in a clown suit? #IJS

3. The environment

When choosing a stylist, pay close attention to the salon. Is it clean? Organized? Drama free? OK. Maybe the last one isn't very realistic. All work places have some level of drama, but you as the client shouldn't be able to tell that. Going to the salon to get your hair done should be a relaxing and care free experience specialized just for you. A salon that is hectic, not clean and messy is not the correct environment for you to do that.

4. Communication

A stylists should have an inviting feel. Be a good listener and easy to communicate with. In order to be able to trust your stylist you'll need to have some conversation with them and get a feel for who they are.

5. Test drive

This is the most important criteria! You can't knock it before you try it. Finding a great stylist will mean you need to take a few for a test drive. Call around and make appointments. Your experience over the phone is important as well. A salon team is only as strong as it's weakest link. Book and attend your appointments and use this time to go over the other criteria in your head and see if you have a connection with the stylist.

Now that you have your criteria the hunt is on. Ask friends for referrals. Do research on your own. Google reviews are an excellent way to get a little bit of insight on a salon before you go. We suggest starting with a solid list of three places/ stylists to try out. Keep in mind your criteria when going through your appointment. No detail is too small when deciding to put your hair in the hands of a new stylists and remember this person will make your hair journey much more manageable. Choose wisely and don't forget to leave reviews on Google for the rest of us!

What has been your experience with selecting a new salon...??


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Moira Blythe
Moira Blythe

February 21, 2018

I have the hardest time finding a stylist because it seems like they all have to move out of state once I finally find a great one! I appreciate your advice here to find a stylist who has great style themselves. My mother swears by this rule and she’s always been able to find great people to do her hair! http://radicallycurlysalon.com/

Gloria Durst
Gloria Durst

August 02, 2017

I agree that communication is key when you are looking for a hair stylist. It would be really nice to have a stylist that you can talk to and who will talk with you while they style your hair. I’m looking for a hair salon after a recent move, so I’ll have to find one where I can talk freely with the stylist. http://salonkeiji.com/hairsalon-saltlakecity-services/

Burt Silver
Burt Silver

February 17, 2017

My wife and I just moved to a new state. Her previous hair stylist was very important to her, and she is having a hard time finding a new one in the area. I like that you mentioned to make sure you choose a salon that you feel comfortable in and that has a good environment. I think the reason my wife liked her previous salon so much was because it felt like home. https://www.veredsalon.com/

Jeff Madison
Jeff Madison

March 01, 2016

I like your tip on giving a stylist a test drive. It seems that testing out a hair stylist would be a good way to get a feel for their work and make sure they do quality work. My wife wants to get her hair dyed, maybe she should give a stylist a test drive before doing so. http://www.beautysalonspamanteca.com/Trendy_Hairstyles_Manteca_CA.html

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