3 Ways To Style Up A Simple Outfit

Hey Fashionistas!


Here’s 3 ways to style up a simple outfit, like the “Wear Everywhere Dress” , “Tracee Jumper” or your favorite office look.


  1. Statement Necklace: The great thing about statement necklaces is that they’re pretty much easy to pair with any outfit because they make the outfit! These are usually bigger or more colorful accessories that pair well with simple earrings or studs and really give your outfit some pizzazz.

Check these out: 

The Grand Gem

Rising Of The Moon 

The Perfect Peach

2. Frames: This is one of my must-have items, and they can really add a different element to your outfit. Frames tend to change your entire look and can give you instant credibility in the fashion world.

Check these out:

Multi - Faceted Woman 

Stunt Queen 

3. Lipstick: Although we are used to seeing a pop of red as a sign of a woman in charge, there are many other lip colors that give the same effect. We suggest trying different pink and purple tones to enhance your natural features. Don’t feel like you need to have a full face of make up on. A nice lipstick color can give you the look on its own!

Check these out:


Magenta Maven 

Corner Office 

Need help rebooting your closet? Stay tuned for more tips on how to thrift, accessorize, organize and find your personal style.



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  • Tasha Brown

    Thank you for the suggestions!! Preparing an outfit for work now.

  • Cassandra

    Thanks for the tips!! I was thinking the same and you validated that i’m keeping up with the trends!

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