3 Ways to Prepare For A Successful Tomorrow....Literally

March 20, 2017

3 Ways to Prepare For A Successful Tomorrow....Literally

Often times we lay in bed at night and replay all the things we 'failed' to get done today.  While those lingering thoughts may seem impossible to stop, there are simple, yet effective ways to prepare yourself for a successful tomorrow.....literally. 

1. Make a 'To-do List' for tomorrow. There are several reasons why this is a great personal ritual to get started on right away. Here's a few:

     - Allows you to have a visual of your upcoming tasks.

     - You'll feel a true sense of accomplishment tomorrow as you eliminate tasks.

     - Your increased 'laser focus' will allow you to get more things done in a shorter period the time. 

2. Select your outfit for tomorrow TODAY. This may seem like a rather elementary task to some however, if you'll give it a try for 7 days straight, I promise you'll be singing a different tune. Not only will your morning feel less stressed, your 'outfit of the day' will likely appear more put together, AND you may even have time to grab an accessory or two to set your look off HERE.

3. Let go of TODAY and prepare for a better tomorrow. Take a moment to mentally review today's events. Good or bad, extract what you learned today and how you can grow from each experience of the last 24 hours. 

P.S. Fall asleep with a promise in your head and in your heart. Make a commitment to yourself that you'll do more of what made you happy today. That's how you begin a journey of personal growth. 

If you're interested in personal enrichment course, feel free to check out my personal and business coaching practice website HERE. Got questions? Feel free to shoot me an email to Kelly@BestSelf365.com. 


Kelly J, Founder of Natural Girls Rock 



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