What's all the buzz about a "One Song Work-Out"? Keep Reading....

January 21, 2015 1 Comment

If by some chance you haven’t noticed, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest time lines have been flooded with "one song work-outs". This may sound like a gimmick but in all reality it's actually quite effective. For those of you who don't understand or are unfamiliar with the concept, a "one song workout" is a picture diagram depicting an assortment of physical activities. Each diagram will have the title of the song and artists near the top. The physical activities will all have a number of repetitions next to them. The idea of the concept is to complete each exercise within the number of repetitions to the speed or beat of the song. Most songs are 3-5 minutes in length. The time doesn't seem very long if you were to be listening to the song on the radio, but imagine doing multiple high intensity exercises for a continuous period of time.

There is a popular method of exercising called HIIT(pronounced "hit") or High Intensity Interval Training. This method best describes the reason why one song workouts help you burn fat. In high intensity timed training an athlete will exercise at a very high intensity for a short period of time and then immediately change to a different exercise with a lower intensity. For example if you were to sprint for 60 seconds and then walk for 30 seconds and continue the intervals back and forth over a period of 10 minutes. Work outs that are done with this method are scientifically proven to burn more fat and be more effective in terms of time. HIIT is an excellent option for a person who is busy or does not have an hour or two to spend in the gym. 30 minutes of HIIT can transform the way you loose weight as long as you are committed. During the high intensity times you must give 100% or else your workout will not be effective.

One song workouts are great because they give you guidelines to your workout. It's like having a personal trainer. You know exactly what moves to do, how many times and how long you have to complete the workout set. Not to mention you can select which one song workouts you want to do and jam to your favorite artists. Typically a play list of 5-6 songs will complete your workout. Don't be surprised if you start to sweat by the end of song one. These workouts are by no means easy and take some adjusting to if you are new. When traveling the road of your workout journey whether you are trying to loose weight or just be more heal;thy all around one song workouts are great option to give your workout a twist. Check out the one song workout pics we have below and try one out!


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January 21, 2015

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