Top 5 Health Gadgets To Get You Motivated About Your Health!

January 17, 2015 2 Comments

Loosing weight is not easy. That's why every time you turn to “The Biggest Loser” someone's crying. Now, we are not going to act like it's easy for us either but we do have some ways of making things a little more fun. After all exercise and health are lifestyles, right? Loving to eat salads and go for jogs is something we hope every person learns to love. In the mean time the Natural Girls Rock team has compiled a list of the top 5 health gadgets to get you motivated about your health. Some of these may seem a little quirky, but they are all a bundle of fun. So let's get in to the countdown!

#5 The Nike+ App.
What's great about the Nike+ App is that it tracks your run; time, distance, route and speed. Not only that but you can upload and share your runs with a community of other people who are traveling the same road as you when it comes to weight loss. You can also earn “Nike Fuel” which is a universal measurement used to represent how active you have been that day, week or month. The Nike+ App is a free download and get this, it has a coach! The app will cheer you on to the finish and all throughout your run. For those of us who don't have a running partner this may be for you.

#4 Personal Blenders.
You're probably wondering how a personal blender made the top 5 list. Well quite frankly it's just so darn convenient! There are numerous options on the market and they all come compact and in various colors. Our favorite thing about personal blenders is that the blending container is also a cup and it doesn't take up much counter space. Now who doesn't love convenient and compact? These are great for morning smoothies in a rush with minimal mess and pre-workout fruit energy boosts.

#3 Dumbbell Alarm Clock
Yes! You read that right. The dumbbell alarm clock can be set like any other alarm clock and goes off just the same. The only difference is the dumbbell alarm clock will keep ringing until you do curls with it. Just like any other dumbbell. The great thing is that it wakes you up and gets you going. You will never be late to work again! LOL!!

#2 Portion Control Measurement
Portion control is an important part of weight loss. The major problem with controlling portion is that most of us either don't own a food scale or just don't understand how to properly portion our food. It's not something taught in school for more than a day and with all of the variety in foods nowadays it's sometimes hard to really decipher which dishes go in what food group. This handy portion measuring device allows you to make whatever food you would like and portion appropriately. There are also numerous other portioning dishes on the market right now including, bowls, lunch boxes, snack bags and more.

Last but certainly not least.
#1 HapiFork
The HapiFork is a technology powered by SunControl. This fork monitors how long or short it takes you to eat a meal, the amount of fork servings per minute, and intervals in between fork serving. The information can be uploaded via USB online and is used to create a steady pace at which you should eat to aid in digestion and weight control. You won't be shoveling it in with this one! ...literally. When you are eating too fast the fork will flash red lights and vibrate to warn you to slow down. This is great for most of us and I know some of you right now are thinking of purchasing one for your children! This fork can be washed by hand and packed away in your purse for lunch at work, or out to dinner.


That just about rounds up our countdown. We hope you found some things you can invest in and add to your healthy lifestyle. Or some things you can just plain have fun with. Either way healthy should be fun not drab!

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January 22, 2015

I need the fork and the dumbbell alarm clock!


January 17, 2015

that hapifork needs to be in my kitchen!!!!

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