How Does Exercising Affect Your Hair

January 07, 2015

How Does Exercising Affect Your Hair

Every time you go to the salon you make it a point to avoid sweating. Yes, we're calling you out! You probably stay away from the gym, sun and out of humid weather how ever you can. We get it. Nobody wants to pay their good money and time to a salon just to “sweat out” their 'do' shortly thereafter. Right? What you may not know is that the same things you are avoiding are the same things that may be stifling your hair growth and texture. Exercise is good! In more ways than one and you are probably well aware of that, but we have a few facts to share with you that may surprise you about just how good exercise can be for your hair.

The health of your hair is influenced by many factors. All of these factors we will not name but can be loosely organized in to two categories; mental and physical. Everything you do in your daily life from the things you eat to choosing to take the stairs versus the elevator effects your over all health and in turn effects your hair. Scientific studies have proven that things like stress can cause you hair to thin or fall out all together, but making good health choices can cause the opposite effect. Consistent exercise can cause three changes in your body that will in turn cause your hair to grow loner and thicker.

The first change that consistent exercise can cause is a decrease in cortisone. Cortisone is a hormone in the body that causes the thinning and loss of hair. The lower your cortisone the thicker your hair. Of course your body needs some levels of the hormone to function, but too much can be a bad thing. Also, in reverse over exercising can cause a rise in cortisone levels so living a balanced life style when it comes to working out is just as important as making the decision to work out at all. The second change that consistent exercise can cause is a rise in serotonin. Serotonin causes the feeling of happiness. The way you feel can have an either very positive or negative effect on your hair. Choosing to live a positive life can help you feel better and your hair too. The last change that consistent exercise can cause is an increase in blood flow. In order for the scalp to be moisturized and produce strong hair follicles, it must first have great blood flow. This is the reason why you hear people say you should give yourself a scalp massage to encourage your hair to grow. Scalp massages increase the blood flow in your scalp.

These three changes are not the only reasons why exercise causes hair to grow. There are many others as well such as increase in stamina, the release of natural oils in the scalp, etc. We're not saying you should go sweat your hair out or attempt to measure your cortisone levels everyday. Just by making the conscious decision to commit to a consistent form of exercise will do a lot for your over all health and the health of your hair. If you have been having trouble with growing thicker hair or length retention this may be a solution for you. It would not hurt to try and who knows it could be just what you're missing! Always remember consistency is key! Stay committed and positive.


Photo Credit: Dr. Phoenyx Austin is Sports Medicine Physician, Certified Trainer, and #1 Bestselling Author of And That’s Why You’re Fat and If You Love It Will Grow. Find the Doc at, and ask her your fitness questions on Facebook and Twitter.

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