The 10 Hair Commandments

November 20, 2014 2 Comments

The 10 Hair Commandments

At some point in time you decided to become natural, or transition. You probably had some uncertainty....... Either you didn’t know how to go about styling your hair, or maybe it was how to keep it moisturized or even how to make your hair more healthy. No matter what the confusion was stemming from, the bottom line was you didn't know what to do. No one ever wrote a “Going Natural For Dummies” book and as crazy as that sounds it probably would have been a best seller. Let's be honest. It's not easy! Each stage of new hair growth and hair length comes with new challenges. There is some consistency though, to the everyday care of your hair. Here at Natural Girls Rock, we have broken the 'must adds' to your routine in The 10 Hair Commandments. These 10 rules are ones you can live by and defy the barriers of age and stage.

1. Use Little to No heat.
We understand that every once and a while you will want to have your hair straightened or curled to go to a special event, job interview, graduation or whatever the occasion may be, and that is fine, but everyday heat is NOT a naturals BFF. The best bet is to set a routine with how much or how little heat you put on your hair. A popular trend is going for 365 No-Heat; a full year using no heat. Of course a full year is not the easiest option but you would be surprised how much our hair can grow when you just leave it be and don't stress it out with heat.

2. Weekly Deep Conditioners And Hair Masks
Deep conditioning is a VITAL part of having healthy hair. A deep condition is when you allow your conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft for at least 10 minutes. Some people even condition overnight, which is also fine. The big idea is to give your hair time to soak in the nutrients the conditioner contains before rinsing it out. Hair masks are a popular form of deep conditioning because they usually entail more nutrients and completely cover the hair from root to tip for an extended period of time.

3. Trim your hair only when needed
Every time you visit the salon it is not necessary to trim your ends. You may be cutting away hair that is not even split, solely because you have adopted a routine. A trim should only be done when the hair is in need.

4. Only shampoo hair when needed and use a sulfate-free shampoo
Shampoo is meant to cleanse. When you experience build up on your scalp and feel it is time for a shampoo, start at the scalp and give your hair a good wash. You have to keep in mind that shampoo is made to strip your hair of ALL oils including natural ones. That is why you condition to put back in the hair the oil that is needed. Thus the reason why shampoo and conditioners are meant to be bought in sets. 

5. Leave-in Conditioners are your best friend.
Now that you have deep conditioned and have rinsed, it's time to lather your hair with a leave-in to ensure that the appropriate nutrients stay in your hair days after your treatment. Leave-in conditioner is a fabulous option (mandatory in my book...ha!)....and in most cases is also essential to detangling process. 

6. Pay attention to your ends
The ends of your hair are the oldest part. This is why they tend to be dry, break off and split. They require more attention and thus more moisturizing. Be sure to moisturize the ends of your hair daily.
Drink Water
Your body is made up mostly of water and no part will function at it's full potential without it. Do not walk pass the water jug at work and try trading the  'soda-a-day' with a bottle of water. Your entire body will thank you, not just your hair.

7. Take your hair, nail and skin vitamins.
There are numerous options available when it comes to vitamins in general. A daily multivitamin is recommend for everyone. We don't always eat the way we should and vitamins make sure that no matter what our body receives what it needs to function. There are certain vitamins that target specific body parts such as Biotin. Biotin is a hair,skin and nail vitamin that will fortify the cells in all three areas. Your hair will be stronger, your nails will grow and your skin will stay moisturized. This is not a miracle pill, but it does more work on your body than you can see.

8. Protective Styling is a must
Simply put...IT GIVES YOUR HAIR AND YOU A NEEDED BREAK....Especially in the Winter and Fall months you want to keep your hair moisturized and protected. Protective styles are any type of braids, twists, buns, etc. The best protective styles are ones where your ends are moisturized and concealed. These styles are also time savers in the morning when getting ready for work or school. They can usually be wrapped up over night and last anywhere from 3 days to 3 months.

9. Be Patient. 

Rome was not built in a day and hair does not become healthy over night. If you follow these 10 hair commandments faithfully you will see a change in the health of your hair. Be consistent, patient and dedicated and you will love to learn your hair.

10. Rock IT!

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erica  celestine
erica celestine

November 21, 2014

I been useing the deep conditioner my hair is geting so healthy

Amie Scott
Amie Scott

November 21, 2014

I am enjoying my first daughter after raising 3 sons and I love reading your hair care advice. I shampoo her hair weekly with egg and use apple cider vinegar as a leave in conditioner and her hair have grown tremendously. Keep the articles me on Facebook #ThetruthwithAmie

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