Diet Pills or Nah? What's The Skinny?


In 2005 American consumers spent 322 million dollars on diet pills and supplements. If you are reading this right now you are probably thinking “ Hey, I was one of those consumers that spent money on diet pills that year”. A lot of us have bought in to the promises of weight loss by way of pill or drink at some point or another. For some people there are success stories of immediate and rapid weight loss and for others there is only disappointment and wasted money. I know of multiple people who even though they were warned about the “diet pill” craze and how it is all a sham, still bought in to the industry and were unsatisfied with the outcome of their purchase. Going through an up and down battle with not only weight and numbers but health itself, I too have been a victim to the diet pill. Little did we all know that the reason we weren't loosing weight was 90% attitude and 10% hard work.

Let me start by saying there is a difference between “Dietary supplements” and “Diet pills”. Dietary supplements are things such as vitamins and herbs that are an addition to a healthy and portion friendly diet. For instance, someone who takes a multivitamin and fish oil every morning before a well balanced breakfast. Dietary supplements are sometimes prescribed by nutritionists or “Weight loss Doctors” or even your regular practicing physician. They carry essential minerals and substances that our bodies need everyday to operate at maximum efficiency and are always recommended to be accompanied by some sort of exercise and healthy diet plan. Diet pills, on the other hand, are usually small pills, sometimes large that come in containers with pictures of personal trainers, body builders and bikini models on the front. The bottle usually has some catch phrase promising fast weight loss like “ Be the size you were in high school!” and “30 day weight loss”. Diet pill instructions usually don’t say much other than “take with food” or “30 min. before or after eating” and things like that. There is no recommendation of a healthy diet or extensive exercise plan. Occasionally there may be one or two on the shelf that do encourage exercise to increase speed of weight loss.

The problem with diet pills is not necessarily that the science is wrong. That the pills don’t actually make you loose weight or speed up your metabolism. The real issue lies in that the marketing of the pills which make it seem as though a person can be completely and utterly lazy, eat whatever they want and still loose weight by taking the pill. The average consumer who is looking to purchase a diet pill is usually the same person who has not been thoroughly educated on the fact that weight loss can only come through hard work and dedication. Weight loss is more than a weekend project or check on a to-do list. You can ask anyone you know who has lost weight. The journey is not easy and no product should ever sell a lie that large. There are few good ways to make loosing weight more enjoyable and fun. Here are a few.

1. Find a work out partner! He/She can hold you accountable and keep you company.

2. Buy new work out clothes! I know this seems a little superficial but the motivation of new cute tanks, tees and capris can be enough to make you want to get out and run through the streets like a sportswear model.

3. Write down your weight loss goals. Mark a stepping stone point. Maybe each 10th of the month you want to be 5 or 10 lbs. Less, and when you make it to that goal reward yourself! ...but not with sweets. You don't want to make yourself feel like you're on punishment.

4. Create a more healthy diet! You do not necessarily need to follow a specific plan but decide on things that you know you should not be eating and cut down on them little by little. Be truthful when deciding what you should and should not eat. Remember portion control is just as important as calorie and fat intake.

5. Do yourself a favor and stay away from fast food and sodas! The nutritional value in both of these are so low that cutting them alone from your diet may give you more energy!

Most of all, define what you consider “Healthy” to mean to you, and try and reach that goal and stay consistent with it. Weighing 110lbs. Is NOT for everybody, we are all built and shaped differently. Define what's good for you and focus on loving yourself.

Another good one is to journal or video your journey. Taking documentation such as pictures, recording emotions, struggles, and triumphs will give you a real sense of how far you have come when you need it the most!
Share your decision to loose weight with your friends and family. They will be your rock when times get rough.
I could go on forever listing just the tips that can make things easier to loose weight but if you don't make the decision to be a better you no article on the internet can make you change your mind. If you need inspiration start a health and fitness board on Pinterest, join an online health community, watch “The Biggest Loser” on TV. Do whatever you have to do! But choose to do it now, because whether you loose weight or become healthy or not life will still go on, and 6 months from now you want to be able to have something to show.

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