The Benefits of Premium Castor Oil

September 29, 2014 1 Comment


How many times have you been told that a miracle product could make your hair grow instantly? Maybe you have been told that a diet pill could make you loose weight over night? I'm guessing too many to count. Science has become both advanced and overwhelming and quite frankly not very helpful when it comes to the everyday modern woman. As interesting and awesome as transitioning and going through a big chop can be, the truth is, once we have done those things we are confused as to what comes next. For those of us who have been natural for a while the product wheel of fortune never really stops spinning. Even when we crack down on a daily or weekly routine, introducing new products to our schedule becomes like opening a surprise gift. In the sea of available products there are a few basic hair care products that are simple and offer numerous benefits.

Castor oil is one of these. Although castor oil is anything but new, it is definitely the gift that keeps on giving. The benefits of castor oil go far beyond hair but more importantly here are the top 3 reasons it is a great addition to every natural's hair routine.

1) Castor oil has a large concentration of vitamin E. Vitamin E is not only scientifically proven to aid in hair growth but is also proven to prevent hair loss. Vitamin E also repairs hair damage due to heat. Imagine all of the hair you have lost over the years due to heat and breakage. You're probably thinking right about now that if you could have saved that hair you would have enough to make a wig and you probably would. With the amount of vitamin E that castor oil contains, and a consistent routine, you will be able to avoid split ends and heat damage at the same time.

2) Strengthens hair shaft. With castor oil there is more than meets the eye. It is among the thickest of natural oils and may feel even more thick when using the most unrefined (Premium Castor Oil) (which is the best). When applying, your hair will immediately react one of two ways. Your hair will either soak up the castor oil or the oil may just sit on top of your hair. For most people this raises some questions about whether castor oil is for their hair type, but don't come to conclusions too fast. Even though it may seem as though the oil is sitting on top of your hair it is actually penetrating and repairing. Castor oil behaves similar to a band-aid and coats the hair shaft which to the naked eye looks as though it is just sitting but believe me it is doing more than you think. For those of us where this is the case a hot oil treatment or overnight incubator method is best when moisturizing with castor oil.

3) Increases circulation on scalp. The ease of blood flow in your scalp directly relates to how fast and how thick your hair grows. Think of your scalp as a highway. If there is a constant traffic jam or poor blood circulation the slower the cars move and the slower your hair grows. Applying castor oil directly to your scalp is just as important as applying it to the ends and the rest of your hair shaft. There's a reason why scalp scratches and massages feel so good. It's because they are good!

Hair health is more than just hair health. The health of your hair can often be a reflection of what's happening on the inside of your body and how you take care of yourself. There may not be a shampoo that makes your hair grow 12 inches in one month or a diet pill that makes you loose 50 lbs  In two months without exercise but the essentials of good health and a consistent routine will never fail you. Castor oil will help combat dry hair, damage, and improve overall hair and scalp health while only costing you a few minutes of time. Remember consistency is key when both repairing damaged hair and keeping healthy hair moisturized. Add castor oil to your daily spritzer or protective styling and you are sure to see a difference in just a couple of short months. Happy styling!!!

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September 29, 2014

I love castor oil I use it daily because my hair was so damaged and thin. I have noticed how thick my hair has become and my edges are starting to fill in. This is a must

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