The Benefits & Uses of Castor Oil – A Natural Girl's #1 Hair-Health Must Have

May 27, 2014 2 Comments

Everyone knows castor oil is the number one hair care 'must have' when it comes to NATURAL hair care, right? But, WHY is the question! Let's take a closer look…….

Castor Oil has been used for centuries, starting with the Egyptians who are also credited with using juice dyes to color their lips. There’s a certain rare fatty acid that only resides in castor oil, ricinoleic acid,  is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and pain-killing attributes, making castor oil as versatile as it is awesome! Yah!!

This sensually thick liquid is an excellent choice for your hair. Here’s what Natural Girls Rock Premium Castor Oil can do...

  1. Scalp stress is often the cause of hair loss. Soothing inflamed skin is one thing castor oil is good at. Imagine what it can do to normally stressed scalps. Its small molecular size helps it dig deep into your pores. This incredibly absorbent carrier oil soothes your scalp and therefore promotes hair growth. 

  2. Thanks to the penetrating properties you just read about, castor oil has the ability to not just coat your hair and scalp in some amazing ways it also imparts a moisturizing effect on both counts. It enters all the way into your scalp and through your hair cuticles, making the even distribution of minerals and nutrients possible. The side-benefit of this health-flow: you get longer lasting hair hydration. Sustained moisture levels result more defined curls that also last longer. 

  3. It helps thicken hair growth not just on your head but your eyebrows and eyelashes too (make sure you know how to apply it to ensure the latter). Premium Castor Oil gets to work even in spots where hair doesn’t grow to say nothing of its effect on sparse hair-growth areas.
  4. Most of us are bound to have experienced chemical damage to our hair at some point in our lives. This could have happened through the use of wrong products or carelessness, heat or chemicals….. Whatever the case, castor oil’s omega-9 fatty acids prevent your scalp from drying while noursihing your hair from within as well as coating it on the outside by way of security from harsh elements. Such all-round protection leads to healthier hair.

  5. The level of hydration Premium Castor Oil provides results in soft and supple hair. Beautiful, soft, supple, defined, healthy hair is what we all want, right? Try premium Castor Oil here. 

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February 07, 2015

I have very thin eyebrows. How do you apply castoroil to the eyebrows and lashes?


June 04, 2014

I will DEFINITELY try castor oil in my hair. I’ve only been using caster oil on my skin and it is wonderful.

Thanks for that great information.

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