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Six Common Mistakes that Spoil Conversations

Posted on January 12, 2017 | 1 comment

These mistakes apply to most social and much business conversation. They are mistakes because they injure the integrity of the conversation by blocking its flow, creating frustration, and reducing understanding and satisfaction.

Here are six of the most common ones:

1. Blabber Mouthing
o Talking too much. Going on and on without giving the other(s) their turn. The one who hogs the talk soon frustrates others, and they quickly tune out.
2. The "Take-away" and "Me-too" Syndrome
o A talker begins a topic and the listener grabs it away and opens a "me-centered" monologue. You say, "I saw a great movie last weekend . . ." and the listener-soon-to-be talker says, "Oh? I saw one, too . . ." and begins to describe their experience. The initiator of the movie topic is unable to complete their thought because it's been high-jacked.

3. Unsolicited Advice

o Some people are quick to give advice as soon as the other person mentions a problem. When offered to friends and other peers, the advice-giver assumes the authority or even parenting role, and that can be off-putting.

4. Interrupting
o This means butting in before your partner has completed their thought. Usually this is done because the interrupting people are impatient and are afraid of not getting their thoughts expressed.

5. Contradicting

o This is the ultimate conversation-blocker. Although great in structured debate, direct disagreement is not helpful in conversation, which is at its best when it’s mutual and collaborative.

6. Stingy Contributors

o This describes the people who listen, take and receive, but don't give. They contribute little enthusiasm, information, self-disclosure, acknowledgement, compliments or other elements that lift a conversation.

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  • osimianna rudder

    I’m kinda like the stingy contributor.it’s not that I wanna be that way I like being involved in conversations with people but I just don’t know he to go about doing that sometimes. It seems like I’m so much of a talkeraroud my family while I’m the complete opposite with other people.idk wht to do because I’m at university and I feel kinda left out sometimes


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