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How To Tie a Fabulous Head Wrap In 2 Minutes

Posted on December 07, 2016 | 10 comments

Here's a simple yet elegant way to rock your look when your hair is not cooperating. Order this scarf HERE. 


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  • Tonii Cato

    Perfect.. love the wraps I see other sisters wearing and now I know now to do one myself EASILY !!

  • Rebekah Archer

    Great demo. I love this idea. Simple, fast, and cute!

  • Brenda

    Thanks for that demo.

  • Kay Wilkerson

    Awesome demo for tying an infinity scarf. Thank you!!! Keep em coming!!

  • Tonya

    Awesome demo!!

  • Dorothy White

    Love this demo , so happy to have found you . Loving all the products . Need to know the color of the concealers , the strength of the clear glasses . Thank You , You do rock. !

  • Mari Mary

    This demo makes it look so simple, I will be trying this and hope that it works with only 1/3 of the gorgeous hair you have.

  • Grandee

    Love the video. Is there a particular preference of material to use for your wrap?

  • yvette

    good demo

  • Latrice Brock

    This video of how to do a head wrap using a infinity scarf was
    So awesome. I will be buying one.


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