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Head Wraps in the "Work Place"???

Posted on August 13, 2013 | 27 comments

There has been a fashionable emergence of head wraps being worn by a myriad of races. Do you think head wraps in the 'work place' is unprofessional? Share your thoughts.......



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  • Mimi

    I work for a retail company in Oregon, and was told to never wear my head wrap again by an HR representative what should I do can she say that to me ?

  • Susan

    I’m curious, why is it ok to wear a head band but not a cute bandana?

  • MJ Burgess

    I have been working for city government for 2 years and no one had a problem until now!!! There is a dress code in writing and it states no one should cover their head unless for medical or religious reasons however, this is a cultural issue for me. I have a right to cover my head to reflect my culture since I am considered a Black American to society. So no, I will keep wearing it and I suggest you wear yours as well. Years ago employers did not want to hire someone if they had dreadlocks. Now that is allowed. So if that is okay, my headwrap is okay too. Because I am not offending anyone. It’s a free country. Do NOT let anyone impede on your rights as a human being.

  • kelly

    Hey ladies, black is beautiful and that’s my motto. Lately I wear head wrapps to work for self expression . Also my co workers who are black wears head wraps which gives me the confident that its ok to wear at the workplace . However, none of the supervsiors said anything about it so i guess its acceptable. Also I don’t wear it everyday at least 3 to 5 times a month. The best thing to do if your unsure is to check your company policy or ask someone in authority.

  • Audrey

    After 8 years of wearing mine every other week or so, I was told that it was and has always been against company policy to wear them. I have always went out the way to make it professional when I wore it (ie: makeup, suit attire, etc). As I am being told this, I see the informant is wearing flip flops (the foam, headed-to-the-beach kind with the large cheesy flower)…also against company policy. There are still many biases about it. it is often incorrectly compared to wearing a bandana.

  • Opi

    I’m Ethiopian decent i’m a Medical Receptionist I initially went to the first interview without wearing it but Then started wearing it into work. Now I wear it everyday. Nobody seems to mind. I am going for a new job soon so I really don’t want to stop wearing it but will see how we go :)

  • MAKC

    ABSOLUTELY! As long as it’s worn correctly and coordinated with your attire. Be a professional at what you do and most people will overlook your out fit. I said “most people”!

  • Sherri

    I would love to rock the head wraps… I’m just not sure what and where to purchase them. I think they look great for the right place with the right attire.

  • Jillian

    I work for an IT solutions company and I am not sure if headwraps are acceptable so I’ve shied away from wearing them. I would like to see some of those styles that you all consider suitable for the workplace.

  • Tiffany

    I think head-wraps in the work place is appropriate. Professional attire has evolved. We are now seeing different hair colors, hats, and hair accessories. It’s a form of self expression and each individual should be allow to use their best judgment for the occasion. Be you black girls! We rock for sure :)


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