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How Do You Deal With It?

Posted on August 09, 2013 | 7 comments

How do you deal with close friends and/or family members that don't support your choice of wearing your hair natural?


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  • Adrina

    Hi girl I love your hair what products you use to grow your hair so long please tell me my daughter and we are struggling with retaining lenght for a long time now.

  • L. Roberson

    I’ve been natural for 19 months now. I remember my momma’s first reaction. It was “Girl that is a mess!” After about 6 months of me rocking my hair styles. She tried to go natural herself. I also transitioned my 2 daughters with me. My mom went back to perms, my daughters are loving the look. We live in a country setting. So alot of people aren’t use seeing natural beauty. Best of luck for anyone transitioning. Stick with it and find your style in being natural. Because now my momma says “Girl that is so you! That really becomes you!”

  • Shannon

    My mom was scarred for life when my grandmother put one of the very first perms on her hair and she was practically bald. So I guess the first step in dealing with the nay-sayers is to understand where they are coming from. My favorite comeback is that God made my hair grow out of my scalp this way, and he doesn’t make mistakes; oh and by the way, Jesus had hair like wool. For non believers or to keep the conversation on a lighter note, I ask people if they know how long it takes to shampoo, condition, blow dry and flat iron my head of hair; ask them if they are volunteering their services, and inform them that you do not prefer to spend precious Saturdays being imprisoned in a beauty shop.

  • Nicole

    I decided to go natural about a year ago. I first went into braids in attempt to grow out the back of my hair that fail out from chemical over load! After I took the braids out I was ready to commit to the, “Natural” look. I love it and I get compliments all the time, however, my husband isn’t adjusting well at all. He’s constantly making sly comments about my hair and reminding me how much he doesn’t like it! I don’t like when he behaves like that because it makes me feel that he’s not accepting the natural things about me! Hopefully he’ll come around because I don’t want to hurt him! Lol! Pray for me!

  • Angela

    I’m visiting my grandmother this evening and the last conversation we had over the phone was about me “getting my hair done.” I started my dreads mid-July 2013 and shes seen me with headwraps on mostly but my grandma, who is a beautician herself, of course wants me to go back to the blow-dryed, flat ironed look because its “more professional”. Now, I have nothing against weaves and flat ironed hair but its no longer what I want. So this is something I know that I will have to explain to her when I get to her house this evening. Now, what exactly am I going to say? I’m not so sure but it will be something to the effect of I love who I am, I love my hair and I get compliments on my hair and my style daily. I’m not worried about the way I look, I know I am beautiful and my professionalism shows through my work and the way I conduct myself.

  • yummi6

    I wanted to go natural also. I had been telling my husband for months but he said nothing. Went to Atl one weekend and feel in love with the womens who was natural. Came by 3 weeks later I went natural my husband feel the same way, my support came from my to college daughter they said mom it time for you to do you and stop doing what dad want . and when i decided to do it i felt like it was something i wanted . I love it and i have learned how to matain it and Rock me. I get so many compliment from people in the street than my husband just because he like LONG hair. I Love my Natural hair.

  • V.Stevenson

    My family and friends have always seen me with long straight hair. When I decided to go natural the support was not there. They really didn’t understand why as they said “cut all of my pretty hair off”? I have learned to do what works for me and to be confident. My husband as well as the rest of my family now compliment me on my hairstyles. The only thing that matters is how I feel. :)


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