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Length or Health??

Posted on August 06, 2013 | 21 comments

What are **YOUR** natural hair goals? Length?? Health?? Style?? There has been a recent trend of 'seasoned naturals' getting their hair cut in a trendy style and it makes many others assume they are 'newly natural'. Is length retention the MAIN reason YOU chose natural hair?? Let's talk about it .....

(Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

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  • Des

    Wow, love your hair, did you only use castor oil

  • Mattie

    I have not had a prem in about 2 years, I’m trying to get my hair to grow longer. I only wash oil and ware, I have been wearing a wig.

  • Denise

    I stopped putting perms in my hair well over four years ago the only problem I have is the thinning and not growing. Please advise me in what I can do. Thank you

  • Carmen


  • waliece@msn.com

    Well this is my second month into my natural journey, It’s been very frustrating, but im working it and learning something each month. Since I’ve found this website i learn so much from Kelly j, Im realizing that the key to all of this is products and the L O C method, liquid, oil, and good condition. My hair is thick and brittle so i will be using this method weekly, but i can say i love not pressing and flat ironing my hair every two week. By the way i will be joining the movement Natural Girls Rock real soon, being into my second month i did order the Deep conditioner,I will order other supplies as i go along, i can’t wait to see how healthy my hair will be in six months. Also im going to save me money for Phoenix-International Natural Hair Meetup day. Talk to you soon. :)

  • Belinda

    I’ve been natural for at least 8 years. For the first 6 years I was wearing it short only because I didnt know how to create any other styles. Thanks to Youtube I am now wearing twist-outs! Although healthy hair is my goal; I’m loving seeing it grow into the beautiful Crown of Glory!

  • Brenda

    I am trying to get my hair to grow but I have ingrown hairs on my scalp. Help! Can anyone tell me of what I can do to get rid or/reduce the ingrown hairs and how to get my natural hair to grow? Please. brendaeldridge@comcast.net

  • Grace

    I did my bc May of this year and as much as I would love to have long hair down my back, I am more concerned about having healthy hair. I know in time length will not be an issue for me. So far, I’m loving how thick my hair is and how much stronger it is..

  • MeMe

    I have been natural for over 10yrs. And I never was one to be concerned with growth because I’ve always had long hair. Now it is more about healthy hair and being in love with my hair (its texture, the curls, the waves). I’ve come to realize that what works for some, don’t necessarily work for me. So I just take it as it comes.

  • Valerie

    I want healthy hair, I grew up rocking an afro back in the day. My hair was always dry and brittle. Back then we didn’t know any better, water was the enemy and petroleum based hair care products was our friend. I moved on from unhealthy natural to a relaxer. I did the bc in March of this year. This time because I was armed with the proper knowledge on how to care for my hair it is no dry and brittle, I have little to no breakage and am able to retain length and my hair is so soft. I love my tea so I’m going to keep my healthy hair at three inches.


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