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The Importance of NOT Making Money Your End Goal

Posted on November 20, 2015 | 7 comments

Your Passion Will Lead To Profits

Many people starting out on their first money making journey ask themselves, what is the fastest way to make money? The real question is, should they really be focusing on that in the first place?

You see, as an entrepreneur, you will probably work 80 to 100 hundred hours per week. Some of these hours will be very productive, while most of them will be spend in taking care of the day to day drama. At first you will feel invigorated, and will day dream about all of the money you will make in the near future. But soon the days will start to get longer, and longer, and you will soon realize that you hate what you are doing. You will despise getting up in the morning, getting ready and heading off to work. One day, you will finally ask yourself, How did this happen?

There is no such thing as going to work when you actually enjoy what you do for a living. No matter how many hours you have to work, no matter how many events you miss, you will always be happy at the end of the day. This only comes when you actually do something you love, and have passion for your craft. It does not matter if you love animals, model trains, video games, or fitness. The only thing that matters is to do something that you love. By following your passions, the money will show up sooner or later. When an entrepreneur focuses on something that they love, money is just icing on the cake. You might ask, but how can you monetize your passion?

The monetization of your passion will eventually come, but first you have to discover something you really love. If a person loves dogs, then that person can set up a blog about dogs, write a book, or open a physical dog related business. If the person loves model trains, then setting up a forum or an eCommerce store seems to be a logical decision. If the person loves fitness, then the opportunities are nearly endless when it comes to making money.

The point is, that you should focus on your passions, and once you figure something out that you truly love, find the best way to monetize it. This will ensure that you will never work another day in your life again, because when you do something that you actually love, work no longer exists.

If you're enjoying these 'life-based' articles, let me know below. Aside from being the founder of Natural Girls Rock, I'm also a Certified Life Coach. I really enjoy sharing this sort of content. :)


Kelly J

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  • Sherry

    Thank you for sharing. You hit the nail on the head in describing the different phases you go through when starting out; it lets me know that its natural to feel this way as I start focusing on my passion.

    Again thank you and I look forward to more.

  • Alice-Marie

    Thanks for sharing this perspective. I am feeling that way now about a job becauae it is not what I am called to do! Quickly wanting to develop my other purpose and passions to their fullest potential so I no longer have to wake up not so excited about a j.o.b! My Passion is where it’s at! Service to people.

  • Patricia

    Very informative… I am 50 years old, and just learning to do what I love. Thanks

  • Angela W.

    Thank you" for telling it like it really is. Anything worth being your passion, will cost you something, but the end reward is much appreciated.

  • Lisa J

    Loved the article and would like to see more life-based articles. Just started a business so this was a great reminder to focus on the product (truly love it) and the rest will fall in place.

  • Tonya Griggs

    I was praying out loud to god when this email popped up. I was praying about this in particular. I love cutting hair.I’m a female barber. I’m skilled in all ethnicities with men and women. But I also love natural hair. I’m not sure how to combined the two in a Barber type setting. And I’m not sure how to start working for myself with not alot of money saved up. I’m not sure how to get started. All I have is my cutting supplies and a car. (Smile)

  • Sharitha Leggs

    Thank for writing this article this has really helped me to start focusing more on what am really suppose to be doing. Please keep writing these articles, thank you again.


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